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Shiny Brands Group Co., Ltd.



Shiny Brands Group Co., Ltd.

Cosmetic Industry

Information about the Company and Brand

Shiny Brands Group Co., Ltd. is the No.1 domestic e-commerce company. “iQueen” is the brand of the Shinybrands group which has more than 800,000 members. Beauty Skincare & Cosmetics brands — SEXYLOOK, MIRAE, LUDEYA and Dr.May — and two functional supplement brands — Simply and M2 — are sold in many Taiwanese drugstore chains and popular physical stores, and are also internationally promoted in 15 countries.

Brand Elements

Shiny Brands upholds the concept of brand innovation with the most stringent cosmetic production processes and advanced equipment to strictly comply with ISO22716. The company will work towards ensuring compliance to ISO certification through scientific and technological operations. From research and development to mass production, Shiny Brands will keep up its reputation of producing only the best quality products.

With innovative ideas and digital intelligence, we have created the skincare brands that shine among others.

Inspiring Identity

Shiny Brands seeks to develop multi-functional, preservative-free, non-sensitive and moisturising products so that consumers can feel safe and comfortable using it. Shiny Brands holds on to its three core values of providing high quality products, using date to build innovative brands and assuming corporate social responsibility.

Achievements and Impact

Shiny Brands uphold the concept of brand innovation, with the most stringent cosmetic production processes and advanced equipment, to strict compliance with ISO22716, and to ensure the continuity of the operating certification, through scientific and technological operations of the professional.

From research and development to mass production, to provide customers with products and services that meet their needs, and take prudent, responsible and good faith as the principle, to create a reputation of good quality.

Shiny Brand Group is the leading brand that is inspired by “Black” to produce facial masks. With the increasing popularity of E-commerce, especially among the younger people, Shiny Brand uses both online and offline marketing channels to establish O2O selling networks to cater to different shopping habits of the young. The move has proved successful as new clients have increased by a whopping 500 per cent in the last two years.

Future Direction

Moving forward, Shiny Brands believe that consumers won’t just stop at pursuing beautiful and healthy skin. It will seek to better understand the different needs and preferences of consumers by listening to their feedbacks and explore and develop products to meet changing market demand. Shiny Brands’ goal is keep their products pure, simple and effective and hopes their product brand will be internationally recognised as a leading brand.