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Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA)



Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA)

Energy Industry

Information about the Company and Brand

Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) is a state enterprise, one of three electric utility providers in Thailand, that was established in 1958. MEA’s main responsibility is to provide electricity covering 3,192 square kilometres in Bangkok and two other major cities, Nonthaburi and Samut Prakan.

MEA aligns its organisational objectives with the Ministry of Interior’s regulations and policies and is fully committed to promote sustainability and to be a customer-centred organisation to keep electricity safe, clean, reliable and affordable for everyone.

Brand Elements

Working to promote sustainability, MEA has designed and implemented its own electric power distribution system, Smart Metro Grid which combines electrical system infrastructure and information and communications technology to increase reliability and stability of the electricity and to enhance quality of services.

MEA offers a One Stop Service Centre in each of its 18 districts. Customers can obtain information, request new services, make bill payments, report power outage or other problems. MEA also offers customers online services.

Energy for city life, Energise smart living.

Inspiring Identity

MEA is committed to promote sustainability and to transform its services into a digitalised organisation to stay relevant and ensure long-term competitiveness. It plays an active role in transforming Bangkok, Nonthaburi and Samut Prakan to become Smart Cities. MEA has developed and enhanced the electrical distribution system to accommodate the fast growing demand for electricity. MEA will continue to provide a secured and stable electrical system through the use of digital technology

Achievements and Impact

In December 2019, MEA signed a contract to construct a Smart Metro Grid system with a budget of over 1,149 million bahts. The project is to install 33,265 household smart digitalised meters with two-way communication between the grid and customers. The installations were to be carried out in various phases with the pilot project in Bangkok, Nonthaburi and Samut Prakarn and scheduled for completion in the 2nd quarter of 2022. The projects is currently 42 per cent completed.

Future Direction

MEA has set a 20-year strategic plan. For the short term plan, MEA incorporates Smart Energy for Smart Living ideas as part of its employee development and in all Digital Service and Virtual District projects.

In its 5-year plan, MEA will use Innovation for Smart Living and Growth ideas to build a strong Smart Community and become a Virtual Utility provider in selected areas. MEA will integrate Data Analytic to increase value of its organisation.

The 10-year plan will see MEA moving all its operations towards Social Sustainability with Sustain Energy ideas by completing the Smart Community project and fully becoming a Virtual Utility provider in all its service areas. Consequently, MEA would become a leading model in electricity innovation.