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Chung Hwa Pulp Corporation

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Information about the Company and Brand

CircuWell is a high-end brand from Taiwan, based on the Chung Hwa Pulp Corporation (CHP) integrates forestation and pulp/paper manufacturing industries to explore new applications for paper based materials as a sustainable green choice to meet the needs of our daily lives. The company is mainly engaged in the production and sales of pulp, cardboard, printing papers and special papers. CHP is committed to technological transformation in the development of paper for special functional applications and composite materials. It hopes to create a new era in the papermaking industry of “vertical integration, green environmental protection and innovative technology development.”

Brand Elements

The “CircuWell” brand aims to produce products that can make people’s lives richer, more convenient and more environmentally friendly. It can be made into paper cups, paper bowls and paper tableware. It has no plastic coating. The goal is to make products that can be easily recycled. CHP collaborates with the chemical industry to make paper water and grease resistant and ocean friendly that can help reduce plastic pollution.

An estimated 250 billion plastic cups are consumed every year. If these can be converted into recyclable paper cups, then it will help reduce carbon emission. In the concept of a circular economy, as long as paper continues to be recycled, it can create an environmentally friendly atmosphere.

Easy Simple Life, For Earth, For Us.

Inspiring Identity

Biological circular economy is a global development trend. CHP started using bagasse to make pulp and paper 70 years ago. ˙Today, the R&D team broke through the bottleneck and let “CircuWell” achieve a paper-recycling biodegradation technology that replaces plastic coating with paper.

Achievements and Impact

People can finally use paper straws, paper cups, paper trays, paper lunch boxes and other paper containers that are completely free of plastic coating, and food packaging greaseproof paper with nonfluorine coating. CHP helps society to bring healthier and friendly environment choices. The scientific community expects the pulp and paper industry to demonstrate negative emissions cycle and help lessen global warming.

Future Direction

The future development of a new model for the pulp and paper industry must change from “efficiency driven” to “innovation driven” and accelerate the promotion of the circular economy in order to achieve balanced and sustainable development of economics, environment and society.