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Bravo Ideas Digital Co., Ltd

Telecommunications & ICT Industry

Information about the Company and Brand

Founded in 2012, Bravo Ideas is an enterprise which strives to bring innovative ideas and interactive video techniques to the world. The company does not want to copy and localise foreign technology, preferring instead to do something other countries do not have. The interactive video technology Bravo Ideas invented is highly praised by Google and its customers include world-class enterprises such as FOX Movie (fox 21),Dentus X, ZenithMedia, PILI Puppet Show and BAZAAR. Even the most well-known award in Asia “Golden Bell Award” has used their technology in the event. The movie “Allien” made by Zenith, Fox and Bravo Ideas brought the interactive video technology to an unprecedented stage.

Brand Elements

The most noticeable technology developed by Bravo Ideas is “See now, Buy now”. With the rapid development of eCommerce and the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Live-streaming eCommerce became the most popular business model in Asia. Alibaba once said that 2019 was the year of Live-streaming eCommerce, and video streaming will become the basic equipment for all eCommerce in the future and bring the revenue up to RMB hundred billion dollars. “See now, Buy now” and Live-streaming eCommerce always appear at the same time. The term of “See now, Buy now” was created by Bravo Ideas in 2013 and was first used in China in 2015 and became a popular slogan everywhere in 2016. With “See now, Buy now” technology, audiences can watch live and purchase products they are interested in immediately. The whole shopping procedure only takes 15 seconds from placing an order to making payment.

Future Is Now.

Bravo Ideas achieved US$36,000,000 profits last year and for 2021, Bravo Ideas plans to increase the number of influencers/KOL to 1000 and each one in Taiwan knows the brands of “Bravo Ideas” and “Ishowlife

Inspiring Identity

Bravo Ideas started patenting “See now, Buy now” Live-streaming technology in 2012 and an “invention patent” was issued to Taiwan, China, United States, the European Union, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Indonesia. To popularise the technology in Taiwan, Bravo Ideas established its own Live-streaming eCommerce platform, called Ishowlife ( in 2018; and since then, Bravo Ideas has held more than 15,000 live sessions. Ishowlife is now the largest Live-streaming eCommerce platform in Taiwan. It’s also worth mentioning that Bravo Ideas is the only one in the world that can use the “See now, Buy now” patented technology on FB, Twitter, Line, Wechat and WhatsApp.

Achievements and Impact

The COVID-19 pandemic gave Bravo Ideas a chance to popularise Live-streaming eCommerce. With people spending more time shopping online, the brick and mortar store owners have started to sell their products through live-streaming. Live-streaming is a faster and direct interactive way of sales than TV shopping. With the outbreak of COVID-19, many store owners or companies have approached Bravo Ideas for cooperation. Bravo Ideas assisted them in planning live-streaming programmes anid gave them a chance to sell products in the Ishowlife platform.

Future Direction

Bravo Ideas has cultivated Live-streaming eCommerce in Taiwan and China for more than 8 years. Now, with the great advantage of 5G and cross-border internet, the Company aims to fully capture the Northeast and Southeast Asia markets. Bravo Ideas is currently working with local enterprises to build up Ishowlife Southeast Asia platforms through patent licensing and provide professional training to local influencers/KOL to speed up the development of Live-Streaming eCommerce in Southeast Asia. Bravo Ideas hopes to serve more than 300 million people in 2021 and aims to make Ishowlife the leading Live-streaming eCommerce brand in the world.

In addition, Bravo Ideas currently partners with more than 600 influencers/ KOL and uses “ See now, Buy now “technology while streaming lively in Ishowlife, as well as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Through such cooperation, Bravo Ideas achieved US$36,000,000 profits last year and for 2021, Bravo Ideas plans to increase the number of influencers/KOL to 1000 and everyone in Taiwan knows the brands “Bravo Ideas” and “Ishowlife”.