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Pasaraya MM Sdn Bhd

Retail Industry

Information about the Company

Pasaraya MM Sdn. Bhd. was incepted seven years ago as wholesalers, distributors, retailers and dealers in all kinds of clothing, attire and apparels including haberdasheries catering to all ages, genders and genres. Many of the company’s bigger outlets also carry assorted stocks of household products.

With just one stand-alone outlet in the beginning, Pasaraya MM has grown to nearly forty integrated outlets covering an average gross footprint of 10,000 sq. ft. per unit-outlet and gross turnover exceeding RM80 million. Pasaraya is optimistic that its turnover capacity will exceed the RM100 Million mark at the end of 2020.

Pasaraya MM’s corporate vision is to be a sustainable and responsible enterprise by keeping with consumer demands and maintaining relations with all stakeholders. The company’s mission is to inspire communities and connect people through premium fashionable products at reasonable prices.

Corporate Culture and Initiatives

Every year, Pasaraya MM will organise an annual dinner for staff appreciation and retainment. The company will host an awards night or offer incentives to boost employee morale, validate their contribution to the company and promote their creativity. It goes along in creating better-focused teams that are also well-motivated.

There are no goods that can’t be sold, only people who can’t sell.

Growth Initiatives

Wilson Cheng, Founder and Managing Director of Pasaraya MM, founded the MM supermarket in Banting, Selangor in 2012, and rented 6 stores to operate the clothing business, mainly Malay clothing. Why is the store named MM? He said, “The element of the original name was easy to remember. MM means Murah Murah, which is in line with the image of our store’s “first-class decoration, nine-rate price”.”

At that time, Cheng noticed that the trends in the clothing market was changing but no one was operating a “supermarket” style clothing store. So, he set up MM and provided choices of people. It was a pioneering concept at that time. Cheng went to China to purchase goods in person. Now, he also orders from Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Bangladesh. In line with the trend to shop online, Cheng developed the e-commerce market.

Achievements and Impact

In the process of starting a business, Wilson Cheng has experienced setbacks, the most significant being the shortage of funds and poor turnover. Fortunately, he has the trust of suppliers. He put the company back on track by overcoming each challenge one at a time. He believes that the most important thing in doing business is to know how to be flexible and to be bold and innovative. Since childhood, he has known that “efforts are not necessarily successful, but success must be done with more effort.”

A major challenge facing the apparel industry is inventory handling. Cheng introduced a “zero inventory management” system to use a computerised and digital system to grasp the latest inventory and delivery status of goods. The company’s inventory solution also reduces the problem of insufficient capital turnover.

Future Direction

Pasaraya MM currently focuses on the clothing market for local Malays and plans to expand to the Indonesian market in the future. At the same time, it is moving towards diversifying its business, including entering the real estate industry. The company’s goal is to set up branches in every state in Malaysia.