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PT Bank Amar Indonesia Tbk

Financial Services Industry

Information about the Company

PT Bank Amar Indonesia Tbk (Amar Bank) is the first FinTech bank in Indonesia committed to revolutionising the banking experience, educating people to improve their financial awareness, security and saving habits through state-of-the-art technology. Amar Bank could grow rapidly with just four physical branches. Unlike conventional banking, Amar Bank offers unique AI-led, intelligent savings (Senyumku) and lending (Tunaiku) platforms, while instilling a culture of save now, spend later. The Bank’s Vision is to bring better financial security and smiles to the faces of 200+ million people by 2025.

Corporate Culture & Company Activities

Amar Bank implements a semi start-up culture where it encourages people to adopt an innovative and growth mindset but at the same time be aware of the risks. Amar Bank encourages a culture where people can flourish in their own way. Amar Bank believes that culture is not static, but should be designed and developed to suit an organisation’s needs. The corporate culture is embedded in employees from their recruitment and they are encouraged to adopt customer obsession behaviour.

In February 2020, the Bank carried out a CSR project themed Amar Bangun Senyum (Amar Build Smiles) in line with the Bank’s Vision to Bring Smiles to 200 million Faces by 2025. Amar Bank and Habitat for Humanity Indonesia work together to achieve common goals of providing better and healthier settlement for the community by building 20 houses for 20 families in Babakan Madang sub-district in Sentul. 300 Amarites (Amar Bank’s employees) took part in the project.

Innovation Empowering Lives

Achievements and Impact

Compared to the industry average, Amar Bank’s staff turnover is considered low. The Bank’s turnover rate as of December 2020 for Management Staff was 0.48 and 2.65 for Customer Service related staff. The Bank currently has more than 1,000 employees. Talent development and succession plans are the Bank’s priority to ensure continued growth. To retain its talents, the Bank has implemented several strategies, including introducing an agile and flexible work culture and providing learning opportunities for employees. The majority of the Bank’s staff are Millennials which are competent and have the potential to take over leadership positions in the Bank.

Future Direction

With technology at the centre of people’s financial well-being, Amar Bank launched Senyumku, a digital savings application in August 2020. Senyumku intelligently encourages better savings habits while augmenting discipline for better control of personal finances. The eCommerce industry in Indonesia is growing at a fast pace, further accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. This is opening opportunities for Amar Bank to grow further. Amar Bank strives to bring financial well-being through its mobile-only digital bank and lending platform to impact and elevate lives for the better.