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White Cloak Technologies, Inc.



Donn Gamboa

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

White Cloak Technologies, Inc.

Telecommunications & ICT Industry


Information about Entrepreneur

Donn Carlo Gamboa, CEO and President of White Cloak Technologies, took the software industry by storm when he drew their firm as a premier software development company in the country in a demi-decade. Donn has always been wired to become an entrepreneur after he graduated from Ateneo De Manila University with a degree in BS Management Engineering.

White Cloak is carved out from rags to riches. Donn took the plunge on bootstrapping the small software company then with his school friends with minimum experience and resources at hand. Donn exhausted all his skills to prop up the small firm that he even self-learned and mastered iOS development to fill in the lacking role. Until recently, he personally designed the business processes, company artifacts and directives, frameworks, and strategies all from the ground up.

Other Interesting Facts about Entrepreneur

On the verge of bankruptcy, it’s easy to just throw in the towel and cut the losses but he remained tenacious and steadfast to his dream. “Though my confidence was utterly shattered at that point, I never thought I was unemployable. But my persistence led me to salvage our business doing every little thing I can to revive my first business calling random contacts, advertising online and offline, to asking friends for any software work,”.

At work or competitions, we’ve always thought we were the underdogs, and I think it’s the mindset - that tenacity to beat all odds - that consistently paves our way to victory.

Company Achievements and
Role as Entrepreneur

In 2017, the firm won its first national hackathon on a landslide victory. With a superb, fully-functional prototype, the panel of judges was so impressed that they offered one of their biggest IT projects yet – an online banking app developed from scratch. In just six months, the firm did a public launch of the new banking app which garnered multiple international awards in its first three years. The client awarded White Cloak as their ‘Partner of the Year’ in their radical digital transformation. White Cloak bought its first two company-owned offices the following year.

Vision, Mission & Future Plans

”I guess it was the mantra from the very beginning of turning the impossible into possible that grew our company by leaps and bounds,” Donn says as he referenced the company’s culture to his grit when he was trying to rise up from the downfall.

In the same manner, White Cloak is proactively involved in their clients’ tech requirements and strategy, making the client feel they’ve chosen the one. He says, “When discussing clients’ needs, we don’t dismiss their excitement by saying a downright ‘no’ to their requirements no matter how complex. We would always say, ‘If you can imagine it, we can build it.’” Donn takes pride in being able to maintain the nothing-is-impossible mindset in his continuously growing firm. One of their first clients shared its sentiments about their partnership with White Cloak, “We are very happy with White Cloak. When there are complex features, it’s never a question of feasibility but only the timeline. Nothing seems to be impossible.”

Moving ahead, Donn envisions a future for White Cloak to expand its footprint overseas, making the Philippines the go-to country for top-quality software and apps. “From top-notch execution of superior software design to excellent customer value, here at White Cloak, we always aim to push the boundaries of what’s possible,” he concludes.