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Danny Luk

General Manager of NU SKIN Hong Kong & Macau

NU SKIN Enterprises Hong Kong, LLC

Direct Selling Industry

Information about Entrepreneur

Born in Beijing, Danny Luk enjoyed his early childhood in Hong Kong and pursued his high school and University studies in Canada. He joined Nu Skin in 1996 with his latest position as General Manager of Nu Skin Hong Kong and Macau. Danny found that staying in different cities or countries allowed him to experience the unique cultures from different places. And that probably explained his loyalty at Nu Skin. Working in Nu Skin for 25 years, Danny has been placed in various regions, including Greater China and USA. Every time he was relocated to a new place, he took it not as an obstacle, but a challenge and opportunity to learn in a new environment and broaden his horizon.

Other Interesting Facts about Entrepreneur

Danny has been active in sports since his primary school days and is a gym lover. Recently he developed an interest in hiking. His love and commitment to sports is reflected in his attitude towards every opportunity he encountered. As Danny always mentioned “Chance favours the prepared mind”. He not only cherishes every opportunity, but also commits to it and tries to work his best. He believes every single occasion can be a commitment to the future, while these commitments will prepare oneself for any possibilities.

Do what you should do then you will be powerful enough to do what you like to do.

Company Achievements and
Role as Entrepreneur

Today, Nu Skin, as a successful global seamless business platform, provides its employees and business partners with a global sustainable business growth contributed by its unique business programme and people culture.

As early as 2018, Danny was part of the global strategic team for initiating the “Velocity” programme, a brand-new compensation initiative to encourage people to start their business. His vision and business sense contributed much to the draft and launching of the initiative, which were critical to the sustainable growth in business builder in the last two years. Nu Skin has stayed strong during the challenges.

While the business model decides the height of a company’s success, the people culture sustains and strengthens it. 2020 has not been an easy year for entrepreneurs, but Danny has successfully identified the key to transition – human capital. He adheres to the concept of putting people first and encourages employee development, especially in the transition period to digital transformation.

Danny believes that “Inspire” and “Trust” are critical to employee development and nurturing. Considering his coaching style as “Inspire” instead of “Manage”, Danny fully empowers his fellows to try as much as they want since he believes every staff will be his or her expertise in their positions. The delegation implies “Trust” within a team which means a lot to the staff, who would always be opened to contribute without hesitation. Such ideas encourage vibrant team spirit, and they are crucial for maintaining stable productivity and sales performance.

Vision, Mission & Future Plans

In the future, Danny will continue his advancement of customer experience with various digital platforms, including social media and the company’s website as well as the newly developed APP – Nu Town. The enhancement will lay the vision for Nu Skin to become the world’s leading business opportunity platform.

Besides, being a major player in the Hong Kong Direct Selling Association and the Hong Kong Health Food Association, Danny is dedicated to promote the popularity of Direct Selling and raise social awareness on the importance of health food. By doing so, Danny hopes to improve the overall quality of the profession.

In addition to his business vision, Danny looks forward to contributing more to corporate social responsibilities as the President of the Nu Skin Force For Good Foundation Hong Kong Chapter. Apart from the existing efforts, he reveals his upcoming initiatives in establishing more long-term partnerships and collaborations with different social organisations, especially those focusing on the sustainability aspect, to do a little more for the people and planet Earth.