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David Chiem

Founder, Chief Executive Officer & Executive Chairman

MindChamps PreSchool Limited

Education & Training Industry


Information about Entrepreneur

David Chiem is the man who took on the Goliath of Education. At the tender age of 9, David overcame obstacles with his family and arrived in Australia as a child refugee from Vietnam. With no knowledge of English, David embraced his second chance at life in Australia.

In his early teens, David landed the starring role on Butterfly Island, becoming the first Asian to be cast in a starring role on mainstream Australian television and appearing on TV screens around the world. This was the start of David’s career in theatre and film until he answered a calling to revolutionise education.

Today, David is the Founder. CEO and Executive Chairman of MindChamps PreSchool Limited and a celebrated author of six critically acclaimed books including The 3-Mind Revolution, now in its third edition and published by World Scientific, which explores a new approach to education for the 21st Century. Another of his books, Only the Heart, is used in Australian schools as an English Literature text.

Other Interesting Facts about Entrepreneur

When David founded MindChamps over 20 years ago, as a research centre in Sydney Australia, it was with the vision to identify and fill educational gaps and improve education practices around the world. He found that the greatest gap lay in understanding how to learn – and in developing the mindset of the learner. Today, MindChamps is an award-winning PreSchool that is established and recognised around the world.

David Chiem’s approach of always ‘staying ahead of the curve’ has taken MindChamps from point zero, to being hailed as a ‘global education movement’ by New York Times and Wall Street Journal #1 Best Selling Author, Dr Joseph A. Michelli.

In his book, The MindChamps Way: How to Turn an Idea Into a Global Movement, Dr Michelli said of David, “While both Cesar Ritz and David Chiem have built businesses that strive for transformational excellence, there is one fundamental difference between MindChamps and The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company. That difference relates to the speed by which MindChamps has catapulted to international prominence.”

One fundamental difference between MindChamps and The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company... relates to the speed by which MindChamps catapulted to international prominence.

Company Achievements and
Role as Entrepreneur

Under David’s leadership, he has established MindChamps and taken the organisation from point zero in 2008 to the number one position in market share in the highly competitive Singapore premium PreSchool space. In 2017, held MindChamps to be the first PreSchool to successfully list on the mainboard of the Singapore Exchange. Today, MindChamps is growing its local and international presence to be a globally recognised PreSchool brand.

Dr Michelli, said, “The companies (Mercedes-Benz, Starbucks & The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company) featured in my prior books demonstrate impressive brand power, but none of them have been in a position to fundamentally shape society on par with MindChamps.”

Vision, Mission & Future Plans

MindChamps’ vision is to nurture the power of human potential for a better tomorrow. The team is driven by their mission to build a world of MindChampions who possess the 3 Minds (Champion, Learning & Creative Minds) and are empowered with the mindset of 100% RESPECT, Zero Fear.

To this end, MindChamps will continue to take the MindChamps Education Movement from Singapore to the world.