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Christine Hau

Co-Founder & Executive Director


Professional Business & Services Industry


Information about Entrepreneur

Christine Hau is a Co-Founder of the Hong Kong based, multi-awardwinning architecture and design firm Lead8. She leads the Corporate Division and is responsible for business management, operations, legal, financial and corporate governance strategies for the studio.

Established in 2014, the company now employs over 250 people across Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and the UK. Under her leadership, Lead8 has emerged as a fledgling upstart to a serious contender for some of the region’s most prestigious developments. The studio’s portfolio has grown to span more than 500 projects across 40 cities including high-profile developments for some of the world’s leading property developers.

Christine is recognised for her ability to establish global channels, unite complex legal and compliance frameworks across multiple studio locations and empower regional leadership. Key to enabling this is her knowledge of finance and taxation along with her experience in complex restructuring, international expansion and capital market transactions, as it pertains to the design industry.

Other Interesting Facts about Entrepreneur

“Successful entrepreneurs must commit to what they believe in order to fully live - and execute- their dream. This is especially important to build trust in your staff, business partners, and mentors.”

“Action is the thing that will truly rally others to your cause, encouraging them to build the dream, learn and do more.”

“Treat challenges as an opportunity to enhance yourself and your business. It’s important to critique your achievements and continue to learn from each experience. As a design business, always be open to new ideas and explorations, and experiment more. These things will evolve and inspire us, and allow us to create better results.”

Success in business is about inspiring and creating a legacy with those who share the same passion.

Your people drive creativity, creativity drives value, and value drives profitability. Always treat your people well.

Company Achievements and
Role as Entrepreneur

Since the creation of Lead8 in 2014, Christine has led the establishment of the firm’s business and operational structure, and facilitated expansion across Asia and the United Kingdom. She has established an operational platform for an expanding team working across hundreds of live projects around the world.

As the only non-design focussed Co-Founder, Christine’s management of the operational and business engine of the firm has been truly instrumental to Lead8’s success. Her intensive role oversees the global management of Lead8’s Marketing and Communications.

She spearheads all aspects of brand stewardship, corporate identity, marketing and communications strategy and public relations. In the firm’s fifth anniversary in 2019, Christine redefined the Lead8 brand. Embarking on a reimagining of Lead8’s physical and digital presence, she managed the coordination of a newly designed studio headquarters, website, as well as digital and printed communications collateral and merchandise.

Christine is charged with balancing the creative output of architects and designers with the financial and operational realities of maintaining a secure business. Finding synergies between the platforms of creativity and operations highlights Christine’s own creativity in her approach to the business management and leadership of a successful international brand.

Christine’s accomplishments are succinctly demonstrated through the company’s financial performance, increased productivity, heightened brand awareness and strengthened internal and external management. There is also a growing list of accolades awarded to the firm across several international architecture and design programmes which show the growing recognition of Lead8’s brand and reputation in the industry.

Operational and Business Highlights
  • Within five years, increased revenue by over 700%, established 4 business studios, and built a team of 250+ employees
  • Established the legal and economic strategy as well as the financial model to handle over 500+ project wins since inception

Vision, Mission & Future Plans

When the business commenced, there was a belief in the inevitable success of the studio. Each member shared a passion for design, and the creation of places would positively contribute to communities. This belief remains. Design is about sharing knowledge, and creating better communities for people to live, work and play.

Looking to the future, Lead8’s portfolio continues to expand geographically with sector-leading projects. The studio’s business expansion has always taken a fluid approach - going to wherever opportunity arises. Lead8 continues to explore opportunities around the world, across all sectors and services. While confidential, current projects will see the firm expand their presence in new markets, adding project locations in Australia and Europe. The firm is also seeking to expand the office network, Mainland China is of key interest.

As boundaries between sectors and markets blur, collaborations with new industry partners will open new opportunities. Lead8 is wellpositioned to adapt to these new prospects and evolve their offering to benefit clients, communities and creatives.