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Antonio Chan

Chief Executive Officer & Vice Chairman

King Wai Group (Thailand) Public Company Limited

Property Development Industry

Information about Entrepreneur

A man of vision and action, King Wai Group (KWG) Vice Chairman Antonio Chan has successfully transformed KWG from a regional company into a global conglomerate with businesses spanning across the financial and property sectors. He believes running a modern enterprise is no longer just about growth and profit, but also a mission to achieve a greater good to social justice and value (by giving precedence to those least advantaged), and to many others in between.

From an early age, Antonio was an extraordinarily driven person who dare to push the limits. Growing up between oriental and western cultures was indeed a creative blessing. But inspiration wasn’t just enough for him to leave his comfort zone and venture into unknown waters. He was nestled in his successful career attributed to seizing the opportunities that disrupting presents and leveraging hard times into greater success through out-innovating and out-thinking everyone around him.

At that exact moment, he knew exactly what he could do to make a real difference.

At the beginning of his career, with only seven comrades and one dog, he grilled through all the available means with limited funding to start up a business in an unfavorable territory. Antonio saw a different opportunity in elevating property development to a new level through adapting environmental-friendly initiatives. And the adventure paid off. Not only the slump of land became the Group’s flagship real estate mega-project in China, it also won KWG the first China Low Carbon Building Award through the eco-innovation.

Antonio ventured into a new country with no friends, no family, no connections to lean on. He started a local KWG real estate business in Thailand which was subsequently listed on the Thai stock exchange in 2016. In 2018, he founded King Wai Insurance (KWI) offering insurance coverages and professional risk management services.

Antonio is one of the most inspiring entrepreneurs not because his success came from a fortune of ventures he engaged. He also commits to various public roles, especially in education and social development. He has not only taught in some most renowned universities and institution of learning, but also making many donations to education and community welfare on behalf of the group. For example, a 30 million USD donation to set up “The Bauhinia Valley Innovation and Development Centre” in 12 universities in the Chinese mainland. He also set up a scholarships fund for Thai students to further study in the universities in Hong Kong. He was the main contributor and initiator of the “Jie Qing World Record Martial Arts Activity” which broke the world record of having over 500 students performing martial arts in a synchronised manner to promote the Chinese traditional culture. Antonio also sponsored and supported First Global University Film Awards (GUFA) in 2019, an exchange program for film participants from over 100 different countries.

Company Achievements and
Role as Entrepreneur

King Wai Group is one of the prestige Chinese enterprise with more than 30 years of successful business operations in various industries. Under Antonio’s leadership, KWG has made a remarkable presence around the globe, in particularly Thailand.

Property Development Sector:
In 2018, KWG completed its first housing project sold-out beyond Greater China Area with proven and sound business strategies, establishing itself a strong reputation and business foundation in Thailand. Focusing on more customer-centric initiatives, KWG commits to improving the standard of living by developing housing solutions that are sustainable with excellent quality standard.

Finance Sector:
In 2018, KWG successful acquired QBE insurance and rebranded it into King Wai Group Insurance (KWI). KWI is currently evolving from a traditional model into a technology-driven business approach as part of the rebranding strategy.

Antonio is eyeing long-term investments in Thailand. He heartily values an involvement in social responsibility in order to achieve the sustainable growth of several aspects which include environmental, society and governance. As a responsible corporate institution, KWG builds trusting and relationships with all stakeholders to generate long-lasting values in society and deliver the long-term shareholder returns.

Expanding King Wai Group legacy to regional and international levels is always a challenge to Antonio in both business and management levels. In Thailand, KWG currently has more than 200 employees and is recruiting more talents to cope with the growth in property development and financial businesses in coming years. In addition to a diversity of cultures, situated in a highly competitive business from the locals and international players presenting much larger tasks than before with opportunities and threats to the company. As a people-oriented leader, he believes in making change and empowering people - that one person, one action, can have a ripple effect and all together they can make huge difference when facing the challenges.

Responsibilities create values and missions inspire endeavour.

Other Interesting Facts about Entrepreneur

In 2014, Antonio won the “Excellence in Achievement of World Distinguished Chinese Young Entrepreneurs” award during the 11th World Chinese Business Summit in Macau. In October 2019, he won the EY Entrepreneur of the Year in China. Antonio also proves once and for all that, though influenced by his father, Dr. King Wai Chan, a good entrepreneurship can be taught and learned with an open mind and heart.

Vision, Mission & Future Plans

In order to remain competitive, Antonio is orchestrating transformation and innovation in the company’s development as new challenges require new approaches. He focuses more on the customer-centric approach to refine the products and transformation beyond the traditional business. Antonio believes there are a lot of opportunities in Thailand, especially in the Eastern EconomicCorridors.

Antonio also sets his sight on education as it is the important aspect of future developments. Recently, KWG has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on education with Repton International Schools Ltd, Derby, UK to establish an international school in Thailand. He puts in effort to bring in more premium prestigious educational institutions to Thailand to nurture talents with a global vision and international networks.