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Gunkul Engineering Public Company Limited (GUNKUL)



Sopacha Dhumrongpiyawut

Chief Executive Officer CAREER HIGHLIGHTS

Gunkul Engineering Public Company Limited (GUNKUL)

Mining & Energy Industry

Information about Entrepreneur

Sopacha Dhumrongpiyawut, the Chief Executive Officer of Gunkul Engineering Public Company Limited (GUNKUL) is one of the few female leaders in Thailand’s energy space. She has successfully led the Company to grow at a remarkable rate since the Initial Public Offering of the company. Her outstanding track records speak for itself and has earned her an award this year for Best Company Performance, Branding of ASIA, Best CEO for two consecutive years and Best Investor Relations Award for three years in a row from the Stock Exchange of Thailand.

Her impressive track record as an entrepreneur was built on a series of calculated risks. Under her management, GUNKUL has successfully expanded into Thailand’s renewable energy space as one of the few first movers in this industry, which allowed GUNKUL to stand strong today as Thailand’s leading integrated energy company who has complete value chain, ranging from supplying wide range electrical equipment, constructing and operating internal and external power plants.

Other Interesting Facts about Entrepreneur

Graduated from the Faculty of Nursing, Sopacha has worked hard to be where she is today. GUNKUL started as an importer and supplier of electrical equipment to support the fast growing Thailand economy. At that time, Sopacha worked as Managing Director of the company. With her breadth of vision, Sopacha can foresee the expansion of renewable energy in Thailand. She not only brought the company into a new venture as a leading renewable energy power producer but also directed the company to expand at an exceptional rate along with the formation of strong subsidiaries to facilitate the expansion of the business.

Don’t be afraid to change. You may lose something good but you may gain something better.

Company Achievements and
Role as Entrepreneur

The company set up G.K. Assembly Co., Ltd. in 1992 to produce and assemble protective equipment used in the electrical power transmission system. Later, G.K. Power Products Co., Ltd was established to produce low and high-voltage electrical equipment. Over the years, all the subsidiaries and affiliate related renewable energy business grew even larger such as solar and wind construction, and power plant business in Thailand, namely GUNKUL Chubu Powergen, G-Power Sources, NK Power Solar, Rang Ngern Solution, Wind Energy Development, and Greenovation Power. To further support its green business, GUNKUL penetrated into the LED business through GUNKUL LED Lighting.

Under Sopacha’s leadership, the company was registered in the Stock Exchange of Thailand in 2010. One year later, GUNKUL was included in the SET100 index and later included in the calculation of the MSCI Global Standard Indexes. In her current position as CEO, Sopacha has dedicated herself to the company’s future growth. She has committed to strengthen the company’s position as Thailand’s number one leading renewable power producer.

Vision, Mission & Future Plans

Sopacha envisions the company to expand the business internationally. For a decade from the day that the company was registered on the Stock Exchange of Thailand, GUNKUL has been stepping up to the next level. Sopacha expanded the business into Myanmar, Japan, Malaysia, and Vietnam (within Q4/2020). At present, GUNKUL has approximately US$ 791 Million market capitalisation, which is considered to have a market value of 15 times growth in the past 10 years. Today, GUNKUL is a Top 5 leading renewable energy company in Thailand.

Sopacha believes in teamwork. She mentioned that “the key to success is teamwork, no one is capable of accomplishing big thing alone. To the contrary, we require skills of each individual in various fields to work together in harmony to achieve our goal successfully while enhancing the stability of the company. Our success has just begun, we anticipate to succeed and achieve further growth tomorrow. Obviously, that’s not all of it, we too expect our colleagues and network to grow together hand in hand.