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Ego Finance Limited



Dr Victor Wong Hon Keung

Chief Executive Officer

Ego Finance Limited

Financial Services Industry

Information about Entrepreneur

Dr Victor Wong is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Ego Finance Limited. An entrepreneur from an ordinary background, he has successfully emerged as a leader of a successful consumer lending company following 30 years of innovation and hard work in the financial sector. Under his leadership, Ego has expanded its consumer lending services from physical storefronts to the Internet sphere, closely meeting the needs of consumers in the modern age.

During his long career, he has personally witnessed several industry-spanning crises, including the Southeast Asian financial crisis in 1998, the abrupt closure of the Bank of Credit and Commerce International in 1991, SARS in 2003 as well as the collapse of the Lehman Brothers in 2008. He has successfully navigated these hazards and brought his company to the forefront of the consumer-lending industry.

He is a Fellow member of the CEO Club of the Institute of Entrepreneurship and Fellow member of the Professional Validation Centre of Hong Kong Business Sector; member of the Hong Kong Securities and Investment Institute; and the International Institute of Management. He is currently serving as an honorary chairman of the Hong Kong Asia Youth Association.

Other Interesting Facts about Entrepreneur

In 1999, Dr Wong was one of the major founders of the Licensed Money Lender Association in Hong Kong and the Consumer Credit Forum through a partnership with the Hong Kong Association of Banks and the DTC Association. Thanks to Dr. Wong’s crucial participation, these institutions have since become key landmarks in the consumer lending industry today. In 2003 during the SARs crisis, Dr Wong made a key contribution to the industry by initiating a Loan Consolidation/Balance Transfer programme to allow individuals the ability to meet their financial obligations without entering bankruptcy. To this day, this scheme has been well-received and is one of the perennial favourite products of the industry.

Brave in innovating, daring to have dreams, drive for excellence, never yield to difficulties and success through opportunity.

Company Achievements and
Role as Entrepreneur

Dr Wong has successfully guided Ego Finance in combining the goals of placing the current and future needs and expectations of consumers as well as the looking out for the wellbeing and concerns of its staff as its key priority. Dr Wong has instilled within the company a sense of constant innovation and keeping up with the technological changes of today. Under his instruction, Ego Finance has expanded into the digital realm and has launched the one-stop web application platform.

Dr Wong’s introduced a vital part in pioneering mortgage facility arrangements in the 1980s for Hong Kong consumers looking to purchase property in China, a financial innovation which helped set the tone for cross-border financial opportunities and engagements today. In the 1990s, Dr Wong was the bellwether in developing a ‘Hire-Purchase’ programme for consumers looking to purchase small-scale home improvements, which has proved to be an enduring success with consumers.

Under Dr Wong’s able management, Ego has been awarded many accolades over the years, including the Happy Company Award 2018, Hong Kong’s Most Outstanding Business Award 2019, Hong Kong Green Organisation EnergyWise Certificate (Good Level) 2019, Hong Kong Outstanding Corporate Citizenship in both the SME and Volunteer Categories, the Family-Friendly Employers Scheme Gold Award 2018, the Hong Kong Council of Social Service 10+ Award, and the Certificate of Appreciation from the Hong Kong Community Volunteers.

Vision, Mission & Future Plans

“Success Through Opportunity”

Dr Wong remains a fervent believer in his personal philosophy that success is available to those who can find or make their own opportunities, so long as that opportunity is fully grasped with enthusiasm and honest efforts. For Dr Wong, being an entrepreneur has given him his own key to success, and he believes that it was that very first opportunity which has led him to his current successes at Ego. Dr Wong has found that success is often within the reach of many; but they may not always have an opportunity to attain that success. Hence, his goal through Ego is to provide as many potential up-and-coming entrepreneurs the opportunity they need to reach success. He hopes that his philosophy will be able to inspire others to achieve their desires and goals.