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Dennis Anthony Uy

Chief Executive Officer

Converge ICT Solutions Inc.

Telecommunications & ICT Industry

Information about Entrepreneur

For too long, Filipinos have been forced to settle for mediocre internet service and there was a need for one reliable internet service provider. The Founder and CEO of Converge ICT, Dennis Anthony H. Uy, saw this and made it his advocacy to do something about it. His vision was to serve the “unserved and underserved.”

In the third quarter of 2016, a report from world-renowned digital delivery network Akamai showed that the Philippines’ average internet speed was only at 4.2Mbps. The Philippines ranked 14th among APAC countries and just a notch above India, which offered average speeds of 4.1Mbps. This is a far cry from South Korea, which topped the global rankings with internet speeds that averaged 26.3Mbps.

As more and more Filipinos look to the Internet for e-Commerce or learning and online jobs, there was a need to improve internet services. Converge ICT ventured to provide a solution by launching unlimited, high-speed fibre packages to the public in 2014. Offering consumer internet packages with speeds from 25Mbps to 500Mbps was seen as a bold yet welcome move.

Other Interesting Facts about Entrepreneur

Dennis Anthony and Maria Grace Y. Uy, the President and Chief Resources Officer established Converge with a vision—to build a business focused on providing high speed fixed broadband to millions of unserved and underserved households and businesses across the Philippines. They assembled a world-class team of professionals, and together, built Converge into an organisation focused on becoming the market-leader in the high-speed fixed broadband market. This vision and focus is deeply ingrained in the organisation, and is the foundation of its key competitive advantages, including the differentiated products and services and the extensive network.

This passion is deeply rooted from Dennis’ early years. Starting to do business during his early college years, Uy, had a Betamax rental business. Being in Pampanga, it was challenging as everything was in Manila. From movie tapes, he went on to sell desktop computers and other equipment. After classes, he would take a 2-3 hour bus ride from Angeles to Manila, purchase his items, then commute back to the province at night. From this tedious model, Dennis became one of the biggest computer sellers in Central and North Luzon.

To serve the unserved and underserved.

Company Achievements and
Role as Entrepreneur

Converge ICT also provides pure end-to-end fibre connections to micro, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as well as corporate businesses. Since the launch of the fibre packages, the country’s average internet speed improved steadily and noticeably. The average download speed in the country in Q1 2019, according to Akamai, has increased to 18.66Mbps, a remarkable 135.90% increase. This improvement can be attributed to two factors — the government’s approval of a plan to deploy a national broadband network and Converge ICT’s pure end-to-end fibre connection plans.

Vision, Mission & Future Plans

Dennis’ vision is to uplift Filipino lives by giving them their very own world-class ICT organisation that empowers them to be their best. Dennis’s background and upbringing have helped him become the kind of leader, entrepreneur and person that he is today — focused, determined, grounded, purposeful and kind. He has humanised management and what it takes to thrive under any circumstances. He knew what the nation needed, and he has been working hard to provide that. The meteoric rise of Converge ICT has been a testament of his leadership and hard work — from a working student who rented out Betamax tapes and eventually sold computers, to a respected visionary leader who took the Company to one of the Philippines’ biggest initial offering in CICT’s public listing.

Purpose. Passion. Perseverance.
All for the people.