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UHS Essential Health Philippines, Inc.

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Company Introduction

Founded in 1992 by microbiologist and immunologist Dr. Myron Wentz, USANA Health Sciences is a science-based company that develops scientifically advanced nutritional, personal-care and healthy lifestyle products. USANA’s world-class products are marketed and sold through independent USANA distributors. USANA’s products and home-based business are helping to improve the lives of its independent distributors and their customers in 24 international markets. USANA’s core values are community, excellence, health, and integrity. The company also prides itself on the incredible charitable contributions it has made to people from the state of Utah, to people all over the world.

USANA employees make up a true community with an open and caring culture, supportive management and numerous opportunities to make a difference in the world. Through exceptional employment opportunities, workplace initiatives and strategic partnerships, USANA is making a difference throughout the world. USANA strives to offer its more than 1,900 employees an unbeatable workplace. USANA employees can count on a fun, open and communityfocused workplace, led by a management team that is committed to acting on its employees’ ideas, values, and concerns. A few of the initiatives that make USANA a healthy place to work include offering employees complimentary USANA nutritional products and highly competitive benefits packages.

Brand Elements

USANA developed the tagline of “The Cellular Nutrition Company” to position itself in the market as the premier company in the cellular nutrition space. Everything USANA develops is targeted at the health of the user’s cells, which is the most important factor in overall health. The international awards and third-party validation help strengthen USANA’s position in the market. USANA has also maintained the goal of creating the “Healthiest Family on Earth.” This extends to the internal and external USANA family. Through its products and promotion of a healthy lifestyle, USANA has positioned itself as a key player in the industry, and has maintained its place as one of the biggest and most successful health and wellness companies in the world.

The cellular nutrition company.

Company’s Brand Story

USANA Health Sciences’ background of achievements has grown immensely over the past 28 years, driven by amazing growth in its product sales. The company recently reported another year of mind-blowing sales and earnings. Net sales for 2019 totalled $1.061 billion. 2019 is the fourth consecutive year USANA has eclipsed the billion-dollar mark. To maintain its momentum, USANA has recently opened an additional manufacturing facility next to its home office that will provide the company the ability to make 100% of its products on site. This goal will be reached in the next few years. USANA will also undergo a brand refresh to keep the look in line with modern companies and prevent the company from going stale. There will also be several new product launches in the next year, including a substantial new product line.

Growth is a challenge in and of itself, and one thing you don’t always consider with the sizable growth is infrastructure. Whether it’s having enough warehouse and manufacturing space to keep up with increased product demand, ample workspace for the influx of employees, IT upgrades, or making sure everything is running smoothly in our international markets. As of this year, USANA is in 24 markets worldwide, and having that much global reach brings its own set of new problems to solve. But luckily, USANA has some of the most talented people in the industry working for them that know how to solve these problems and can forecast any new problems that may arise.

Achievements and Impact

USANA finished 2019 strong, making it the fourth consecutive year with billion-dollar sales with $1.061billion. At the closing of 2019 USANA announced an on-site clinic would be added in 2020, new products would be created, an additional manufacturing facility will be opened to broaden USANA’s capabilities, and a brand refresh was to begin. As a company, USANA has won over 700 accolades and continues to bring in more awards year after year. USANA has over 1,900 employees in its 24 markets. With 22 offices; and its headquarters in Utah, USANA is unbeatable.

USANA was founded on science, which means that research and development is priority number one. USANA’s R&D department is always looking for new ways to bring its customers the highest quality products available. The department has invested more into clinical trials with research universities that will help find better health solutions and strengthen the efficacy of USANA’s products.

USANA has also invested heavily into IT initiatives that will make buying USANA products online much easier, along with streamlining the process of signing up as a USANA Associate.

Future Direction

USANA is always looking to expand its global reach and penetrate new global markets. 2021 will also mark a big year for USANA as a brand new product line will be launched, along with continued global rollouts of its Celavive Brightening Line and Mood Support Supplements. The opening of a new manufacturing facility in Utah will also help USANA reach their goal of manufacturing 100% of its products in house. This goal will be met in the next several years.