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Piaggio Vehicles Private Limited

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Company Introduction

Piaggio Vehicles Pvt. Ltd. is a 100% owned subsidiary of the Piaggio Group. The Company commenced operations in India in 1999 with the launch of the three-wheeler brand Apé, which was an immediate success and has grown from strength to strength over the years.

Today, they provide the widest range in last mile transportation with their fuel agnostic vehicles in commercial segment. Piaggio is present in both the passenger and the cargo segment with variants in petrol, diesel, CNG, LPG and Electric vehicles. They have in fact launched the industry’s first electric three wheeler with swappable battery technology. They are now also planning to come up with the fixed battery vehicles in near future.

In 2-wheelers segment, iconic Vespa brand was launched in 2012 in Indian market and received an overwhelming response. After the successful launch of Vespa, brand Aprilia with a strong racing heritage was launched in 2016 and become an instant success.

Brand Elements

Piaggio believes in providing the best quality solutions to their customers. In 3-wheeler segment BS VI range is introduced as a ‘Performance Range’ as it provides an overall customer experience, be it power, drivability, earnability or comfort which is best in industry.

As far as electric vehicles goes, since Piaggio has strong experience in electric, when Indian market was opening up for electric 3 wheelers, Piaggio was ready with the technology and ready to launch Ape’ E-City. Therefore their positioning for electric vehicles of ‘Ape’ Goes Electric, India goes Electric’ is true to its core.

The commitment to quality has made Piaggio market leaders in both 3 wheeler cargo and 3 wheeler diesel passenger for more than a decade now and the Ape’ brand has top of the mind recall in this segment. With the leadership of Ape’ in Indian market the tagline of “Ape’ Chalta hai to Desh Chalta hai” which means “When Ape’ moves, the country runs” holds true in every sense.

Ape’ Chalta Hai Toh Desh Chalta Hai.

Company’s Brand Story

The pioneer of 3-wheeler goods transportation in India, Piaggio Vehicles Pvt. Ltd. (PVPL) leads the league today. By revolutionising the 3-wheeler cargo segment in the country, Piaggio, today, is setting global standards in multiple arenas of service.

With unmatched customer care, state-of-the-art products and multiple awards to be honored with, PVPL continues to journey – proving inspirational and providing an improved quality of life to millions across India along the way!

On the Commercial vehicle side, particularly Ape’ 3 wheelers, clearly it was a blue ocean strategy especially over the last two decades in India. For last mile transportation, the need gap analysis identified the products, price point and operating parameters clearly. Piaggio ensured that their products offered the comprehensive transportation solutions to its customers.

With 2-Wheelers, Vespa has clearly been and remains a lifestyle brand and Aprilia is largely associated with dynamism, racing and youth. It is through this positioning that 2 wheeler business model has got evolved and new product introductions follow a similar strategic direction.

Achievements and Impact

What started with one small step almost 20 years ago has now become a legacy with over 3 million customers in the country. Piaggio Commercial, since the inception, has been known for the quality of the product and the technology. Piaggio boasts largest distribution network spanning across 1100+ touch points with trained manpower to handle any customer service need Pan India. World pioneers in 3 wheeler cargo – PVPL is also the first to launch a 3V tech engine, the first BSVI 3 wheeler, the first 5 seater passenger vehicle and the most spacious passenger vehicle. Piaggio reached a major milestone in India in 2018 and rolled out its 2.5 millionth small commercial vehicle in the country. Today company’s products are not only endorsed by over 3 million satisfied customers across India but also exported to more than 50 countries worldwide. This makes Piaggio one of the best renowned brand in 3 wheeler space.

Future Direction

PVPL is continuously been adding value to the customer and introducing new products both in CV & 2-wheelers. They have introduced more than 40 products/variants and has continuously expanded their distribution network. In 2021, the Company expect to cross the important 3 million customer base milestone. After the success of swappable battery solution in electric vehicle, Piaggio would launch Fixed battery vehicles early 2021.