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Multisys Technologies Corporation



Multisys Technologies Corporation

Telecommunications & ICT Industry

Company Introduction

Multisys Technologies Corporation (MultiSys) is considered as the Philippines’ most important and leading software solutions company that provides a wide range of cost-effective, full-scale software services, system platforms and integrations that are being used by now more than 2,500 companies and organisations.

The Company has been steadfast in seeking greater digital transformation for the Philippines, through systems design, development (programming), and deployment (implementation). It focuses on system automation services that smoothly expedite various processes and transactions. It envisages and creates smart governments, smart cities, smart communities, smart enterprises, smart billing and collections, and smart technologies—which altogether reinforce ease of doing business across the archipelago.

Brand Elements

MultiSys’ distinction is its agnostic business model. It empowers businesses and is a partner to everyone. The wide breadth of copyrighted platforms and solutions that it openly offers underscore its relentless commitment to help private companies operate more efficiently and grow, as well as to assist government agencies for faster and more effective delivery of service to the public.

Over the years, MultiSys has developed 20 ready-to-use software and technologies that it openly offers to its clients, partners, and even other software solutions companies. Among these readymade platforms is MultiSys eCommerce (MeCom) that provides linkages to e-commerce systems across different channels. This exclusively integrates e-commerce channels and can unify them as a payment gateway provider. In 2019, MultiSys logged over 10.3-million transactions in this platform alone. Currently, it registers transactions for roughly 40 million Filipinos in various online services and transactions.

Empowering your business.

Company’s Brand Story

With the investment from PLDT and the company’s progressing expansion, the Company is on its way to become one of the biggest technology company in the world. Currently, its reputation for speed, efficiency and accuracy has put it in a strong position in the local scene, and soon it expects that its accomplishments in helping companies keep up with the ongoing global digital transformation will not go unnoticed in the global market.

MultiSys CEO and founder David Almirol, Jr. was an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) and had other jobs before managing the electronics at the US military Camp Fallujah in Iraq. He became a knowledge hub of programmers who worked at the camp, and eventually assigned as the resident programmer. While his skills earned him a job offer in the United States, he decided to come home with his small savings instead and started a modest computer retailing company and freelance programming. By 2015, he was able to make enough funding to assemble his own team.

Achievements and Impact

This and MultiSys’ 19 other solutions have earned prestige and scores of referrals and testimonials about the Company. In fact, the Philippines’ leading telecommunication company PLDT, Inc., through its wholly-owned subsidiary PLDT Global Investments Holdings, Inc. (PGIH), invested a 45% stake in MultiSys for a total of P2.15-billion (USD42.5-million est) in 2018 to achieve its goal of becoming a fullscale digital services provider.

In 2019, MultiSys entered in and publicly disclosed technology partnerships that help more Filipinos in their various digital transactions and empower more businesses, of all sizes, by automating and digitalising their respective engagements and interests.

For this, the Company has registered USD19-million in revenue from USD3.12-million in 2018, which translates to a 508% increase, and USD14-million in profit from USD2.1-million, which is a 566% upsurge. (Figures are based on August 11, 2020 USD-PHP conversion rate)

Future Direction

On account of the Company’s future-proof platforms and solutions that cater to diverse industries, MultiSys seeks to become a major IT player internationally in ten years’ time. Currently, their reputation for speed, efficiency and accuracy has put us in a strong position in the local scene, and soon they expect that their accomplishments in helping companies keep up with the ongoing global digital transformation will not go unnoticed in the global market. The Company has been ramping up its expansion efforts in the Philippines and abroad so they can serve more companies and organisations in meeting their needs by offering future-ready technology—from software, to hardware and IoT. Further down the road, they visualise themselves to become the Silicon Valley of the East, offering cutting-edge and effective solutions, and serving as a hub for technology and innovation to the local, regional, and global IT communities.