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Insular Health Care, Inc.



Insular Health Care, Inc.

Healthcare, Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Industry

Company Introduction

InLife Health Care (IHC) is a health maintenance organisation whollyowned by Insular Life, the first and largest Filipino life insurance company and the only mutual company in the Philippines. Since its founding in 1991, IHC has been upholding its parent company’s pioneering spirit and pride in serving the Filipino people.

IHC’s purpose is to uplift the quality of lives of its customers, employees, partners, and the wider society. This is shaped and safeguarded by the values IHC holds in its core: integrity, commitment to excellence, concern for customer well-being, and innovation.

Brand Elements

As an all-Filipino HMO, IHC has a unique and deep insight into Filipinos’ health care requirements and holds an understanding on how to deliver a health care experience that is aligned with their values and cultural preferences. It offers a range of standard and customised health care solutions—for corporate clients, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), families, and individual customers—all curated and presented to be a customer’s companion in his health journey.

To deliver the promise of wellness for a lifetime, IHC uses a mix of people connection and technology to complete the health care experience. Its provider network consists of more than 40,000 accredited medical specialist and over 1,400 medical facilities nationwide—all ready to serve IHC members in times of medical need. IHC’s lines of communications are open 24/7 through its own medical contact center and its account management team. This people connection is augmented through technology. IHC routinely reviews and enhances its operations efficiencies launches even more communication channels to its members via its mobile application and active social media accounts, and enables simple, transparent, and seamless service availment procedures.

Wellness For A Lifetime.

Company’s Brand Story

Despite its years of service, IHC has a startup mentality. With a fresh breath of life given by the new leadership team, IHC is a veteran and an expert in the industry with the agility and hunger of a rookie. It zeroes in on the heart of the business, the customers. This goes beyond giving great customer service. This is about being laserfocused on adapting and catering to the ever-changing needs of customers and the market even before they know it or ask for it. It is about harnessing employee talent, technology, and analytics in developing and delivering exceptional solutions and services suited to the customer’s needs. It is about thinking out of the box, innovating, and working at a fast pace while never forgetting our goal: to help members to stay well, care for those in later life, and work with companies to improve their employees’ health.

IHC’s vision of being the partner for achieving wellness for a lifetime is fundamental in shaping the way it behaves and delivers. Like its parent company Insular Life, IHC is in the business of doing good. And to continue doing good, IHC needs to run a robust and growing business, so its customers, employees, partners, and communities can depend on IHC now and in the future.

Achievements and Impact

IHC posts a strong financial performance in 2019. IHC’s numbers are far ahead vis a vis industry. Registering a 42% growth in terms of total combined sales at Php 647 million, IHC’s earned membership fees reaches Php 556.5 million while its net income after tax soars to P36.16M. This shows a 27% growth in membership fees for IHC against the industry’s average growth of 14% and a 96% growth in net income for IHC in comparison to the industry’s negative growth of 24%.

Apart from its financial successes, IHC’s effort to further democratise and demystify health care access is evident in the partnership it forms with reputable institutions and in the gamechanging decisions it makes in crucial moments. IHC’s highly successful prepaid sachet-type health care plans penetrate various non-traditional and digital platforms—making affordable health care solutions accessible to a wider underserved audience and indicating its aggressive plans for expansion. It also contributes to InLife Sheroes, a movement by Insular Life and International Finance Corporation (IFC), member of World Bank Group, aiming to empower women through financial education, health and wellness, women-specific solutions, and access to business. Finally, IHC is the first HMO to make the unprecedented decision of covering COVID-19 cases on an ex-gratia basis during a worldwide health and humanitarian pandemic. This shows IHC’s commitment to the Filipino people and its leadership in the industry.

Future Direction

IHC’s vision of a healthy and well Philippines is guided by IHC purpose: to reach every Filipino, honor their right to access quality health care, and ultimately uplift their quality of life. It is a massive task, so IHC believes that the future of health care is rooted in innovation and collaboration. IHC’s planned expanded product suite includes specialised solutions for SMEs and individual customers. These solutions are designed using a balance between customer feedback and data analysis. IHC’s cooperation with similar-minded brands symbiotically allows both sides to integrate expertise, reach new markets, and amplify the brand message. This builds brand equity and opens marketing streams for IHC. Building and diversifying distribution channels through both online and onsite partners. This extends geographical limitations and reach. Collaboration is a central contributory element to innovation and success because it dictates association, pace, energy, connections, and implementation.