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DEPO Auto Parts Ind. Co., Ltd.

Manufacturing Industry

Company Introduction

DEPO Auto Parts Ind. Co., Ltd. is a company dedicated to the R&D and manufacturing of auto lamps. Its forerunner, Ming Yang which was founded by the current CEO in 1977, started with trading with only two employees. In 1980, Ming Yang Traffic Facilities Co., Ltd. was set up to ramp up the production. With the scaling up in production and sales, the own brand “DEPO” was created with a view to marketing globally and strengthening the CIS (Corporate Identity System) in line with corporate ethos of profession, reliability and integrity.

Brand Elements

DEPO Auto Parts focuses on the aftermarket and since 1982 has expanded to the overseas market with their brand “LUCID”. The brand “DEPO” was created in 1991 in a bid to enhance corporate competitiveness, to facilitate the R&D and Mold Technology, and to promote quality with equipment from Japan and Germany. E-MARK certificates were granted in 1993, followed by SAE in 1996, ISO, QS9000, AQRP, and IATF from 1997 and CAPA in 2005. DEPO is a listed company in Taiwan and a leading company in the global aftermarket, credited with the 6th National Award of Outstanding SMEs, consecutively the Taiwan Top 20 Global Brand by Interbrand from 2005 to 2010, and the Innovative Product Awards in 2007 & 2016 by the Taipei AMPA (Taipei International Auto Parts and Accessories Show) and Taiwan Excellence Award 2020.

Perfect Auto Lamp, Perfect Safety.

Company’s Brand Story

DEPO came from the abbreviation “DEer POrt”, which is the direct translation of “Lukang” from Chinese to English. This was adopted to symbolise our philosophy of staying with tradition, spirit of discipline and humanity of Lukang in order to create a professional, dependable and trustworthy brand reputation in the global auto parts market.

DEPO took up the OEM business in 1998. Operating with the own brand “DEPO” requires product diversity, enhancing of R&D and innovation of product design and manufacturing processes.

Achievements and Impact

DEPO supplies nearly 40 million pieces of all kinds of auto lamps and auto parts worldwide every year. DEPO has 4,000 employees worldwide, and the turnover exceeds 500 million US dollars. Taiwan is the world’s largest exporter in auto lamps. According to statistics compiled by the Taiwanese Automobile Association, DEPO’s export turnover accounts for about 7.4% of Taiwan’s auto parts export. The main local auto parts dealers in all major countries are all DEPO’s customers and it has auto parts dealer customers in nearly 200 countries. After years of hard work, DEPO has a market share of around 30-40% in the US market and 30% in Europe. It has become by far one of the largest auto lamp brands in the world’s aftermarket.

Future Direction

DEPO focuses on the automotive aftermarket and has ambitions in the OEM market. Taiwan is a country with high export of auto lamps (about 60~70% of the total of AM in the world). However, DEPO needs to enforce its OEM business in order to garner the OEM market share across the globe. In line with this, DEPO will set up an international purchasing system, seek suppliers of high quality raw materials, improve its manufacturing capabilities, develop product diversity and provide customers with one-stop shopping. DEPO is also committed to increase the quantity of its products certification to promote awareness of its own brand and competitive advantage.