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CUCKOO International (MAL) Sdn Bhd

Consumer Goods Industry

Company Introduction

Established in 2014, CUCKOO International’s journey began with the introduction of the CUCKOO brand, a well-known home appliance brand from South Korea, to Malaysians. Through the brand and driven by a passion to go Beyond Standards, CUCKOO International has been growing and introducing innovative healthfocused products and services over the past six years. Its rapid growth has also positioned the company as the Southeast Asian Hub with presence in Singapore, Brunei and Indonesia.

Aside from CUCKOO with healthy appliances, the company has also launched WonderLab, a beauty care retailer and WonderKlean, a home care specialist providing a wide ranging of home care services, such as indoor disinfection service, washing machine cleaning service and kitchen appliances cleaning services.

Brand Elements

CUCKOO International has seen a rapid growth over the past six years, driven by two simple and yet powerful words - Beyond Standards. The Beyond Standards philosophy is deeply ingrained in the company’s values and systems, pushing the company to challenge existing boundaries and status quo. With this, the company has been introducing innovative, cutting-edge healthy products, services and solutions with a passion to be better every day for its customers and fans. Through it all, the company with a people-focused culture also made sure to curate exceptional customer experiences through its various touchpoints - from its Careline to its CUCKOO Brandstores, CUCKOO Brandkiosks and Wonder Stores.

Beyond Imagination, Rising Above Standards.

Company’s Brand Story

CUCKOO International was founded at a time when ‘water purification’ and ‘mild alkaline water’ are foreign to many Malaysians. Taking up the challenge to make an impact and to promote a healthier lifestyle among Malaysians, the company went on to launch the first mild alkaline water purifier in Malaysia.

To build brand visibility, the company began setting up mini kiosks at malls nationwide. A new concept at that time, the CUCKOO Brandkiosks managed to build awareness and grow its customer pool, a key component of the company’s success. Today, over 550 of these CUCKOO Brandkiosks, CUCKOO Brandstores and Wonder Stores spread across the nation.

In ensuring that everyone has access to its Beyond Standards offerings, the company launched a game-changing payment scheme in 2017 - the CUCKOO GOOOD PLAN™. First in the market, payment plan is flexible, enabling customers to choose the amount they wish to pay and the duration they would like to commit to. CUCKOO International has managed to garner over 179% revenue growth in 2017, a reflection of the innovative payment plan’s positive reception by the public. Till today, this payment scheme remains a key driver of the company’s growth.

Achievements and Impact

CUCKOO International’s efforts over the past six years have shown remarkable results being a winner of more than 20 awards and gaining the trust as well as support of Malaysians. To date, the company has served more than 1 million customers, the equivalent to over 4 million household users in Malaysia. As its customer base grows, CUCKOO International has also grown to provide greater product offerings such as air purifiers, outdoor filter, multi-cookers and kitchen wares. Through this and coupled with its revolutionary payment plans that ensure everyone access to top-of-the-range products at an affordable price, the Company has grown exponentially, recording over 100% revenue growth for 5 consecutive years and with a record-setting revenue of over RM910 million in 2019.

Future Direction

More will be done to drive the company’s growth, including introducing more Beyond Standards products and services as well as curating exceptional experiences for its customers and fans. As the Southeast Asian hub, the company also plans to expand its network of distribution centres and establish its very own product assembly lines to cater to an increasing demand for healthier product and service offerings.