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Blue Horizon Developments Co., Ltd.



Blue Horizon Developments Co., Ltd.

Property Development Industry

Company Introduction

Founded in 2005, Blue Horizon Developments has over 16 years of experience in construction projects, including institutional, industrial, educational, residential, and multi-family housing through project planning, scheduling, quality and cost control, and design-build construction. Our construction deadlines and budget requirements are met consistently through project planning, scheduling, quality control, and cost management. The company has acquired 21 recognised awards throughout the last 5 years and are one of the most decorated property developers in the region.

Brand Elements

Blue Horizon Developments is the go-to property developer for luxury project developments. The company places great emphasis not only on offline marketing strategies, but also on telemarketing and online marketing strategies to become one of the leading real estate developers in Asia and reach out to clients around the world. Blue Horizon Developments puts clients’ satisfaction first along with the quality of the project and cost management. The company cares about clients’ experiences and listens to their feedback to ensure that they continuously evolve along with clients’ needs, wants and preferences.

A brand is not just a logo, website and business’s an experience.

Company’s Brand Story

The name Blue Horizon Developments was inspired by the founder’s wish for all clients to have a clear blue horizon as their first sight when they wake up every morning. It aims to create trust and confidence in its project developments and investments.

As they gain the trust of clients, the Blue Horizon Developments brand becomes an icon of trust for all clients. When the company launches new projects, these clients will be willing to invest and invite their friends and family to invest.

Over the last 16 years, the company has overcome many challenges — Tsunami, bird flu, military coups and protests. In spite of everything, the company remains confident that Phuket is one of the best places to live in the world, especially with strong resilience. It will always attract people from over the world to make a home out of this gorgeous island.

Achievements and Impact

As Blue Horizon Developments has successfully established trust with clients, it has repeated customers from one project to another project. This increases revenue generation, making Blue Horizon Developments successful in the real estate industry. Blue Horizon Developments partners with local construction companies who share the same values and are experienced in the industry to build high-quality projects. The company started as a real estate agency, but has expanded into the real estate development industry over the last 16 years, and it plans to expand the business further in the future.

Future Direction

In terms of marketing strategies, the company has offline, telemarketing and online marketing in place.

With regards to offline marketing, the Company is investing in billboards, both offsite and onsite, and features with a local newspaper called Phuket News on any updates. The company also has sales and marketing booths in many areas in Phuket, including one of the busiest areas in Patong. However, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Blue Horizon Developments has shifted its strategy to focus more on telemarketing and online marketing.

With regards to online marketing, more attention has been put on content and to reach out to the international markets using social media and the website to increase traffic and get more leads.

Blue Horizon Developments believes that being positive and having confidence in its products and services is the key to achieve all its goals.