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ACM Landholdings, Inc.



ACM Landholdings, Inc.

Property Development Industry

Company Introduction

ACM Landholdings, Inc. (ACM) is a well-established, and highly recognised housing developer that specialises in building best in class, affordable homes in holistic and human-centered communities.

Anchored on ACM’s design philosophy of usability, cost efficiency, aesthetics and environmental sustainability, ACM creates communities that uplift the standard of living at a price hardworking Filipinos can afford.

ACM provides excellent customer engagement at every touch point of the journey of owning a house from selling to moving in. ACM guides buyers in their compliance of the required relevant purchase documentation and assists them in choosing and processing financing facilities and programmes. Buyers are updated on the status of their house construction using digital platforms on a regular basis. Buyers are welcomed and oriented with the essential information about their new home and community to ensure a hassle-free residential transition.

Brand Elements

ACM offers premium affordable products that uplift the standard of living of low to mid-income Filipinos. ACM’s brand is experienced through its value propositions of building communities designed to create blissful living and enduring values, and providing buyers with end-to-end service in their journey to owning their homes in an unruffled community. ACM assures customers that their properties are results of high quality construction standards, and are designed with serenity and wellness in mind. An ACM home is an architectural rendition of affordability with features of a viably exclusive living. It provokes emotional market response offering the best value for money. ACM’s homeowners, based locally or abroad, are sincerely assured of their families’ security, comfort and contentment inside ACM communities. ACM understands that investment on a house is a major decision, hence, ACM makes sure that its products carry a renowned value that increases through time.

Together We Make A Village.

Company’s Brand Story

ACM’s mission is to help Filipinos own their dream homes and live in a family friendly community that fosters bonding and inclusiveness. ACM was founded based on the belief that owning a home is a basic privilege. ACM works hard to deliver value and service to all its stakeholders. Through the years, the Organisation’s strength on people consistently plays an elemental role in sending out its brand message. ACM constantly endeavours to acquire, train and mentor talents to be innovative, creative and collaborative in achieving the best product utilising the latest construction technology and digital innovation.

Achievements and Impact

ACM has introduced 30 residential developments in 28 years with over 12,000 houses. Over the years, ACM expanded in key areas in the country with 26 projects in Cavite and 2 in Iloilo. ACM has aligned its vision to the government’s initiative in addressing the housing backlog of the country by offering premium affordable homes. In collaboration with Philippine Transmarine Carriers Inc., its parent company, ACM facilitated the fulfilment of home ownership among maritime professionals. It has also offered acquisition packages and programmes enabling various market segments to gain access to quality products for end use and investment purposes. ACM’s ability to adapt to the evolving property industry and to the constantly changing trend in design and construction technology assures every Filipino of the value of house investment. Hence, ACM continues to explore new frontiers for expansion in response to the expeditious and increasing market demand.

Future Direction

ACM aspires to grow and expand to elevate its role in nation building. It will create development that will cover a wider customer base offering solid investment potential and residential experience. ACM will approach the market with the best and agile business processes allowing more customer touch points, and present market sensitive brand portfolio of price ranges, quality product segments, superior customer service, reliable systems and design innovation. ACM’s journey will anchor on adaptable organisational capacity by consistently conducting recruitment, training and development, mentoring and coaching of talents and cultivating a culture of passion, excellence, innovation and sustainability.