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24/7 Customer Philippines, Inc.

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Company Introduction

[24]7.ai, a leading customer experience software and services company, is transforming the digital customer experience (CX), driving customer loyalty, and revenue for the world’s leading brands. We combine deep vertical expertise, human insight, and years of contact center experience to make every interaction more satisfying—and cost efficient.

[24]7.ai started its operations in the Philippines in 2006. It is providing opportunities to Filipinos and is rapidly expanding its business in the country offering with over 3,000 workforce and growing. It is strategically located in the country’s premier business districts – Makati, Mandaluyong, and in McKinley West, Taguig City.

Brand Elements

For a developing country like the Philippines, creating and ensuring opportunities and contributing to guaranteeing the quality of its human capital are keys to the country’s growth and development. [24]7.ai’s inclusive growth approach contributes to this by creating job opportunities not only for experienced individuals but even those who are fresh out of college. They don’t discriminate. They hire and retain people based on their skills and performance, and not because of their demographics and/or cultural diversity. Their workforce has a good mix of GenZ, Millenials, Generation X, and Baby Boomers or those who are over 50 years old. They employ persons with disabilities such as deaf employees and also hire people coming from different religious backgrounds.

[24]7.ai puts prime importance in the growth and development of its human capital by making sure that employees are provided with a supportive environment in order to strengthen employee performance to achieve their goals. Through its various employeecentered initiatives and learning and development programs, [24]7. ai achieved an 88.08% overall satisfaction rating from its employees.

Even during the Covid-19 pandemic, [24]7.ai remained strong and has stayed true to its commitment of looking after the welfare of its employees. Despite getting severely affected by the Enhanced Community Quarantine, their centers have remained operational and continued to be open to employees who are able to report for work either by staying in or using the company shuttle. Their business revenue was impacted but instead letting go of their valued people, they quickly offered solutions. They initiated various programs that allowed their affected employees to continue providing for their families and they were able to land additional work-from-home accounts, providing more opportunities to their employees at a time when they really needed the company to be there for them.

[24]7.ai is very big in anchoring their initiatives to their Company Values and Culture. Through their initiatives, they make sure that their employees feel the value of what they are doing and will see that the company doesn’t only see them as numbers, but rather, true people with true stories and background.

Enabling a Personalised, Predictive, and Effortless Customer Experience.

Company’s Brand Story

[24]7.ai not only takes pride in providing the best customer service to its clients’ customers, but also in taking care of the people whose wellbeing makes excellent performance possible – their people.

Their wellness benefits package comprises of several programs that looks at the overall wellbeing of the individual. It includes an industry-first health and medical benefits that do not only benefit employees, but is extended to their dependents or loved ones. Financial empowerment is also addressed through an insurance and savings program – in partnership with the country’s leading insurance provider – to support in building financial security of employees.

In March 2020 or when the Enhanced Community Quarantine was announced, they have provided adequate support, safety, and comfort for those who chose to stay in their sites. Their BCP Team quickly adjusted and built their on-site accommodations from scratch. They immediately purchased bunk beds and pillows, provided their employees with toiletries, gave out free meals at least 3x a day, took care of their laundry, converted our washroom into shower areas, and offered various engagement initiatives like movie nights, music jamming sessions, set up of worship areas every Sunday, etc. to help their employees go through the pandemic.

All these are testaments to how [24]7.ai puts prime importance to the wellbeing of its people, professionally and personally.

Achievements and Impact

[24]7.ai’s co-founder and Chief People Officer Shanmugam Nagarajan lauded [24]7.ai Philippines’ outstanding employeecentered programs and activities that epitomise the [24]7.ai culture. Other [24]7.ai Global Leaders have also acknowledged [24]7.ai Philippines’ best practices and even adopted and created some of their initiatives.

[24]7.ai Philippines has also been recognised by its clients for being able to quickly deploy its Business Continuity Plans, ensuring continuous business without closing its sites, even when almost all other centers have shut down during the first few days of the Enhanced Community Quarantine. With all these, [24]7.ai Philippines has indeed become a business model for other countries where [24]7.ai is present.

Future Direction

2020 reinforced the direction of [24]7.ai to deliver virtualised and personalised experiences to customers and its employees. [24]7.ai enables Apple Business Chat and Google Business Messaging as a next generation interaction channel for clients that stay connected with their customers. The next few years will see [24]7.ai lead in people engagement in the virtualised environment, whether it is in recruiting, training, or working from home. Our leaders will lead and engage in this new and exciting space and our people will have a differentiated experience by being with us. We have a high level of preparedness over the challenges that COVID-19 brought and will now put a lot of our visualisation into full production.