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White Cloak Technologies, Inc.

Telecommunications & ICT Industry


Company Introduction

White Cloak Technologies Inc, burgeoned from four to over 170 innovators in just five years, globally recognised and multi-awarded for its state-of-the-art projects and a strong commitment to its clients. The founding team discovered that there was a need in the market for a reliable technology partner whose goal is to not just make a quick buck, but rather create a legacy of turning the impossible into possible while maintaining discipline to do things right the first time around. Having this mindset is how White Cloak plotted its triumph right off the bat.

Corporate Culture

The fast-paced culture actually began from square one. Before hitting its first hundred million pesos in annual sales, White Cloak, mainly its founding team of four, hit the verge of bankruptcy after consecutive failures in a persistent attempt to step into the red ocean. But with tenacity as the linchpin of the young innovators, they rather let their failures strengthen their resolve to succeed.

Behind today’s timeless competency, everything is actually innovated early from the ground up--White Cloak personally designed its business processes, company artifacts, directives, frameworks, and strategies with bare minimum support. Its CEO and founder, Donn Gamboa, personally designed the project proposal templates, onboarding/offboarding process, employee task management, performance evaluation, reporting and timekeeping, pricing strategy, cost and timeline estimation techniques, processes, and tools.

Today, White Cloak’s management team ensures continuity of the firm’s solid foundation and brand excellence by ensuring employees are fit to an agile culture next to technical expertise and works on constant improvement in hiring and promotion schemes.

The firm’s sturdy culture of having a ‘whatever it takes’ and underpromising- yet-over-delivering mindset combined with a burning passion to make it to the top makes the difference in their growth strategy. In White Cloak, software engineers take pride in turning their clients’ imagination into reality. In discussing a client’s needs, it’s never a question of feasibility but only of the timeline.

A world where anything is possible.

Growth Initiatives

The people in White Cloak work with agility in mind. The agile workforce gets highly involved in the client’s requirements and strategy, practicing a collaborative approach that welcomes clients to work closely with the developers and designers. Through conducting workshops about agile, clients get a better picture of how they can get to the launch date as quickly and efficiently as possible. Through Agile, White Cloak provides innovative software solutions of superior quality in the fastest delivery time while rendering high-end service.

Unlike other young companies, White Cloak Execom has the valour to put up its own Learning and Development Department. In terms of employee engagement, its employees recently created their own videos for the quarterly White Cloak Grand Convention (town hall), to present how the agile culture benefits their individual working style especially in the new work from home setting.

Achievements and Impact

White Cloak is like a home that always has something for its people. Every employee’s opinion counts - no matter their rank or tenure. The firm created various virtual employee engagement activities held month-on-month to strengthen the company culture and help ease stress in a work-from-home setup.

Prior to the pandemic situation, the firm had already created a committee to put preventive measures in place. Hence, the company is well-prepared with a comprehensive policy on continuing to do work if the worst case happens. Amidst the pandemic, White Cloak was not only able to deliver crucial project features as requested by long-term clients; the firm was also able to sail through generating new business and launching more applications, and even delivering non-profit initiatives to help the community especially the front liners. White Cloak shelled out their own resources to develop CovidHeroes, a hospital supply donation platform to provide the much-needed transparency for over 1,000 hospitals, equipping our heroes with a visibility tool to better combat the crisis.

Future Direction

White Cloak is known for being a software hackathon slayer. It is merely the price they paid to be recognised, which later landed them their first biggest project that earned multiple national awards and hit them its first hundred million pesos in annual sales-- the Phillippine’s best mobile banking app. The breakthrough was the company’s ticket to acquire more conglomerates and SMEs specialising in retail, logistics and the public sector.

White Cloak aims to break into the international scene and target corporations among the Forbes 1000. Alongside, the execom is also planning to build their own digital products for white labelling, to serve not just big conglomerates but also SMEs to help take its business to the next level.