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Topserve Service Solutions, Inc.



Topserve Service Solutions, Inc.

Professional Business & Services Industry

Company Introduction

Topserve Service Solutions, Inc. was founded and established in 1997 by Alex F. Tanwangco. Starting with 35 employees, Topserve created a niche in the Aviation Industry in 1999 when it headed Aircraft Maintenance Servicing for a list of Airline partners. Topserve has successfully expanded its list of partners to the Manufacturing/Packing Services, Retail, Hotels, Fast Food Chains, Warehousing and Logistics, Courier/Delivery Services, Admin/ Office Based Services, Business Process Outsourcing and the Teaching Division and Learning Management System (LMS).

With its vision is to be one of the country’s top competent service contractors in the industry it ensures 100% compliance with Labour Laws and delivery of high quality services to its clientele, with utmost care to its employees.

Topserve’s Mission is to create a dedicated professional workforce to cater to business partners’ requirements and build a long term business partnership based on competitiveness, competency and transparency. Thriving on its Corporate Values of Integrity, Respect, Excellence and Fairness, it consistently aspires to deliver the highest level of Customer Satisfaction.

Corporate Culture

Topserve upholds the culture of adaptability, diversity and having a winning mindset in the corporate world.

Adaptability – Topserve deals with abrupt changes in the corporate setting providing immediate solution and action, particularly amidst this pandemic and shift to the New Normal.

Diversity — The company has diversified its business to managing multiple services in different industries.

A Winning Mindset – this will bring Topserve to greater heights and expanded growth.

To support the sustainability of the business, Topserve invests heavily in technology and getting the best talents.

To provide a reliable and high quality of service at the most reasonable rate, bringing in the highest level of client partner satisfaction.

Growth Initiatives

Growth strategies incorporates lateral growth with existing partners and business development to bring in new partners. As Topserve created a niche in the Aviation Industry when it headed Aircraft Maintenance Servicing for a list of Airline partners in 1999 and expanded its list of partners thereon to various industries. And from thereon, TOPSERVE experienced rapid growth.

Topserve invested heavily on Technology to ensure automation of systems such HRIS, Automated Payroll and Billing System, Timekeeping System, Recruitment System and Issue Tracking System. With this advanced and much enhanced systems, Topserve was able to serve all its clients and employees efficiently and effectively. Topserve likewise engaged in a talent acquisition drive in several locations, supporting talent mobility and establishing a pool of “canned goods” through intensive soft skills and technical trainings. As Topserve continues to grow, its care and benefits for employees will continue to grow side by side.

Achievements and Impact

Currently, Topserve has 411 internal employees and 23,000+ deployed employees with 16 offices/branches nationwide. Topserve’s latest conquest is the engagement with the Learning Management System (LMS) nationwide, which is very appropriate and needed during this New Normal.

Future Direction

Topserve will continue to expand to provide more jobs and continue with its advocacy of uplifting the lives of the Filipino people and in a way contribute to the gradual recovery of the economy. It aims to increase its personnel to 24,000 by 2020 and an annual target of 20 percent increment for 5 years over 2021 to 2025 with an increase of 1000 headcount a year.

As part of its succession plan, the Chairman has designated future successors. Similarly, executives and managers have their respective understudy to succeed them when they retire.