SOCOE Sdn Bhd | APEA - Regional Edition - Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards





Telecommunications & ICT Industry

Company Introduction

SOCOE Sdn. Bhd., an end-to-end technology development company headquartered in Sarawak has managed to be the first Sarawakian firm to snag the Malaysia Technology Excellence Awards 2019 (MTEA 2019), presented by Singapore Business Review. It started with the vision of Sarawak’s potential in being a leading regional digital hub in tandem with Chief Minister of Sarawak, YAB Abang Abdul Rahman Zohari Abang Openg’s digital economy initiative.

As a digital frontier in Sarawak, SOCOE thrives in end-to-end service framework of information technology (IT) solutions and services, integrated services, e-commerce expertise, technical service and business technology consultation service.

SOCOE’s services includes building customised solutions, onboarding through an effective training and consultation package for new customers and users, migration to the latest technological solutions, specialist-led workshops, and strategic consultancy to overcome technical roadblocks and integrate data sources and systems.

The company’s mission is to empower every layer of society to become a robust member of the global digital economy. Their aim is to prepare people for the future challenges that lie ahead by humanising technology.

Corporate Culture

With a diverse team of experienced strategists, system engineers, designers and experts, SOCOE is committed to lead Sarawak in the global emerging ecosystem of digital economic transformation.

The predominant culture at SOCOE is an open culture, where every team member can freely contribute their ideas and opinions to create a more comfortable and friendly working environment. It cultivated SOCOE’s “can do” motto, and each member of the team are key players that drives SOCOE forward.

SOCOE is cognisant of the potential of digital resources in transforming lives in Sarawak, allowing SOCOE to leverage cutting edge digital resources to achieve goals, driving innovation and optimising processes. Its robust understanding in technology helps to pave the access for the community to credible models for commercialisation over digital distribution platforms.

Digital Transformation leads 100% to Personal Transformation.

Growth Initiatives

The strength of SOCOE’s success is humanisng technology and it is built around 3 core business operations, namely Service Based Platforms, Ecommerce and Digital Consultation. SOCOE’s first success story is a single interactive on-line neighbourhood that empower the women of Sarawak in entrepreneurship, with the first goal of “digitally remodelling the ladies of Sarawak” – the eWanita project. The foundation of this project is the women of Sarawak where they get the technology to work for them instead of just merely pushing technology to people and expect people to adapt to it.

Achievements and Impact

With eWanita as a benchmark, SOCOE developed iAlerts that caters for disaster reporting in Sarawak and serve as the single integrated disaster platform to address current and future incidents and disasters. The Sarawak Disaster Management Committee comprises more than 30 stakeholders, it connects these stakeholders into a single platform to manage disasters more effectively. SOCOE was called to arms during the Movement Control Order (MCO) when the state of Sarawak needed a Digital Border Management System. Built with Data Interoperability in mind, enterSarawak - digital border management system was developed within 36 hours after the announcement of Movement Control Order in Malaysia. It is a fully integrated web and mobile app system that allows Sarawak Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) to have complete control as well as monitor the incoming and out going of the people in Sarawak. This includes short term entry into the state for transit passengers, flight crew, freight and shipping personnel as well as essential services staff.

Serving as a touchless digital border management system that allows the Sarawak government to manage inbound and outbound traffic, the platform also serves as a single convenient touch point for the public to gain permission to enter the state from anywhere. The Sarawak Disaster Management Committee now utilises i-Alerts and enterSarawak as a single dashboard to better prepare the state for current and future disasters.

SOCOE never cease to unlock new achievement with their evergrowing team of experts, strategists, system designers, business model experts and service designers.

Future Direction

Moving forward, SOCOE aims to transform Sarawak’s digital landscape particularly Block Chain Technology and FinTech that completes the societal ecosystem and reshape the mindset of the community and people who uses them. Humanising technology for SOCOE is about the people who are behind the technology and the end users whose lives are enriched and empowered because of technology.