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Vincent Medical Holdings Limited



Vincent Medical Holdings Limited

Healthcare, Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Industry

Company Introduction

Established in 1997, Vincent Medical Holdings Limited is a Hong Kong-headquartered medical device manufacturing group. The Company started as an OEM manufacturer for a wide range of medical devices and equipment, and has since become a major supplier of respiratory devices, serving customers from Europe, North America, Middle East and the Asia Pacific.

Over the years, Vincent Medical continued to pursue excellence through product innovation, and investments in research and development and talents. Today, Vincent Medical develops, manufactures and sells a wide range of medical devices, focusing on three key areas including respiratory care, imaging disposable, and orthopaedic and rehabilitation products.

With its production base in Dongguan, China, supported by the R&D, regulatory and manufacturing divisions in Dongguan Songshan Lake Technology Industrial Park, the Group is dedicated to bringing innovative, high-quality and reliable medical devices to the global market.

Corporate Culture

”At Vincent Medical, everyone understands that in everything we do and what and how we do it, will have a significant impact on patients’ safety and experience. Hence, it is our goal to ensure that we are putting every effort to deliver the best products to patients”, said Vincent Choi, Chairman of Vincent Medical.

Contributing to the society with its premium products has been the end goal of Vincent Medical. In face of COVID-19, the Company was able to overcome its operational obstacles, by resuming and ramping up its production despite the disruption of raw material supply and labour shortage. To help fight the pandemic, Vincent Medical supported both local and overseas governments by providing respiratory devices, donating devices and disposables to hospitals, offering products to those in need, while generating values for stakeholders.

Vincent Medical sees the importance of employee training as the way to drive innovation, job satisfaction, self-improvement and eventually, business performance. In 2019, over 22,700 training hours were offered to employees, with each employee receiving an average of 19 training hours on technical know-how as well as law and compliance, product safety and responsibility. Off-site team building and training events were also organised for different levels of employees to foster team spirit and a sense of belonging.

Innovation, Quality, Reliability.

Achievements and Impact

In 2019, Vincent Medical made considerable progress in product registration especially in Japan, the 3rd largest medical device market after the US and China. Vincent Medical established its first overseas office in Tokyo, significantly enhancing its marketing efficiency and distribution reach, while strengthening its regulatory affairs and service support capabilities in the country. With the addition of the sales support office in Beijing since December 2019, Vincent Medical now has 8 offices throughout China.

Innovation and new product development continue to fuel the longterm growth of Vincent Medical. Few years ago, the Group has identified nasal high flow oxygen therapy as the up-and-coming opportunity given its many benefits from both clinical and health economics perspectives. With considerable investments on product development over the past three years, Vincent Medical is now embracing the opportunity by introducing inspired™ O2FLO Respiratory Unit, O2B Electronic Air-Oxygen Blender, as well as a line of dedicated disposable products to the market.

In the first half of 2020, Vincent Medical’s revenue hit new heights of HK$502 million. Supported by its 20+ years of experience in the respiratory and humidification area, a strong brand name and an expanding distribution network of 80 countries and regions, it expects to achieve continuous growth in the years to come.

Future Direction

Going forward, Vincent Medical will continue to pursue a growth strategy of “device + disposables” through the introduction of new devices, as well as deriving recurring income from dedicated disposables. In the longer-term, supported by its increasing R&D and strategic collaborations with global medical companies and distributors, Vincent Medical is looking to transform itself into a comprehensive hospital and homecare respiratory solutions provider for both disposables and equipment.