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Tricor Services Limited

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Company Introduction

Founded in 2000, Tricor Services Limited has been the leading business expansion specialist in Asia. The team of 700+ professionals serves over 10,000 clients across multiple industries, including more than 50% of listed companies and family offices, from Hong Kong and China in full strength.

Tricor’s business expansion solutions include integrated business management advisory, corporate administration and secretarial services, trust and fiduciary services, and human resource consultation. Tricor Inside, their unique approach to business expansion, empowers companies to seamlessly maneuver from Start-up to IPO and Beyond.

Since Permira’s acquisition of Tricor Group in March 2017, the company has completed seven mergers and acquisitions and seven partnerships worldwide. More than two thirds of these were focused on bolstering its core competencies in the Asia Pacific region.

Tricor’s advantage comes from deep industry experience, committed staff, technology-driven processes, standardised methodologies, constant attention to changes in laws and regulations and wide industry contacts. The company is uniquely positioned to unlock the potential of their clients’ business, and help them stay one step ahead of today’s diverse and fast evolving regulatory environment.

Corporate Culture

Tricor delivers solutions to a diverse portfolio of clients across different industries, service lines and geographies. As such, it requires an inclusive and energetic team including accounting professionals from various backgrounds. Its culture is one where differences are embraced, and its ambitious and motivated employees are enabled to reach their full potential.

Committed to a culture of continuous learning, Tricor provides comprehensive training programmes to nurture its employees’ professional and personal development. It prioritises health and safety in the work environment, supports a culture of sharing, sponsors internal and external learning events, and promotes worklife harmony through staff activities. Employees are encouraged to contribute meaningfully to the community by taking part in volunteering and fundraising activities and by sharing their skills.

In its commitment to the highest standards of corporate governance, Tricor acts in a transparent and accountable manner with comprehensive risk management policies and best practices guidelines in place. Sustainable development is a pillar of Tricor’s ethos. The company works hard to integrate social, environmental, ethical, employee, client and supplier concerns (collectively, environmental, social and governance – ESG – concerns) into its business and operations in order to align the interests of its employees and other stakeholders as well as the community at large.

Asia’s Leading Business Expansion Specialist.

Achievements and Impact

Viewing staff as its greatest asset, Tricor is committed to sustainable development and dedicated to providing a wholesome, safe environment with a culture of sharing and collaboration. Tricor seeks to win the talent war through effective and resourceful management of benefits as well as perks such as extended parental leave, flexible hours and fashionable offices. Through diversified strategic objectives, the company endeavors to align local requirements and expectations with the its own long-term growth goals. A global integration strategy that encompasses both local statutory benefits and integrates certain voluntary benefits across markets can pave the way for success - and help a company develop a dynamic, sustainable workforce.

Future Direction

Tricor is set to close acquisitions in Hong Kong and Mainland China to further deepen its service offerings in the Greater Bay Area, consolidating its core competencies. There are also plans to further expand its reach across the Association of Southeast Asian Nations to deliver critical functions. Tricor endeavors to align local requirements and expectations with the company’s long-term growth goals, in order to meet the needs of local talent.

The trend of innovation and digital transformation is pervasive across all industries and businesses. For Tricor, senior leadership is transitioning from an operation-focused model to more of an advisory-focused model. Robotics is being leveraged to enable strategic advisory by having machines do repetitive, non-valueadded work. Under the “One Tricor” initiative, With licensed software from Automation Anywhere, Tricor will start building robots for Hong Kong, Japan and Malaysia for Robotic Process Automation.