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Titansoft Pte Ltd

Telecommunications & ICT Industry


Company Introduction

Titansoft started with a goal not just to be any software development house in Singapore providing tailor-made and innovative software solutions, but to build a close-knitted community bringing together passionate, like-minded people who believe in delivering valuable products to customers. 6 core values of V-CEPAT (“cepat” meaning “fast” in Malay and Indonesian) drives them forward on their vision and mission to be globally recognised as Producers of Fun, providing the most enjoyable gaming experiences through challenging conventions.

Corporate Culture

In the spirit of continuous learning and in the process of trying, failing and learning from their failures as they improved their working processes over the years, Titansoft began to move beyond a traditional way of working and started experimenting with applying key tenets of the Agile Mindset to their organisational management in 2014. In applying Agile practices across departments, Titansoft’s HR policies have evolved to be forwardlooking and inclusive of internal feedback from staff, resulting in a strong culture of ownership and mutual respect where employees feel a personal stake in the company’s performance and embrace the core values, working together as one team. Titansoft’s unique culture is made up of many unconventional practices such as regular peer reviews, no minimum work hours and many more.

In Titansoft, team building and corporate social responsibility activities take place regularly, affording opportunities for employees to bond while contributing to the sustainable development of the community and environment. Titansoft’s “T.Care Programme” consists of quarterly activities aimed at giving back to the society, working with various organisations.

Never stop improving.

Achievements and Impact

Over the years, it has worked with prominent leaders and speakers in the industry including Agile Singapore, UXSG Community, and International Association of Facilitators (IAF), and is also an active participant in numerous large scale industry events such as the Agile Conference Singapore, Agile Summit Taiwan, and YOW! Conference.

Believing strongly in the merits of a people-focused approach, Titansoft’s holistic and structured Talent Development and Management Programme, the T. Talent Programme, encompasses the main areas of functional and technical skills, management skills, and group facilitation skills with trainings designed based on individual needs at different career stages. These are administered through on-site trainings (OSTs) and on-job trainings (OJTs) which includes brief sharing sessions by skilled and domain experts, and internal and external training opportunities.

Future Direction

Titansoft’s strategy development comes in the form of a 3-year company roadmap highlighting the 3 main aspects of Organisation, Product and Market which is updated and shared every half-yearly at its company-wide annual review meeting.

In terms of its organisational strategy, Titansoft aims to maintain its credibility as an Agile Practitioner, sharing with the community knowledge on applying the Agile Mindset to large-scale organisations, as well as its experiences with BOSSA - Beyond Budgeting, Open Space Technology, Sociocracy and Agile. For its product strategies, the focus is on Automation, Information and Business Intelligence in order to stay competitive in a rapidlychanging VUCA world. In terms of market expansion, Titansoft looks to expand their market in South-East Asia.