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Shrinkflex (Thailand) Public Company Limited



Shrinkflex (Thailand) Public Company Limited

Manufacturing Industry

Company Introduction

Shrinkflex (Thailand) Public Company Limited (SFT) was founded in 2007 with 220 million Baht registered capital. It is currently the leading, one-stop manufacturer of the shrink sleeve labels, specialising in hi-resolution printing, vibrant colours and highquality material suitable for packages.

Shrinkflex implements two printing systems: Gravure printing and Digital printing system. The main vision is to be the leading manufacturer of shrink sleeves label in Thailand and in South East Asia. The main mission is to meet the customers’ needs by providing the highest quality products and excellent services. Shrinkflex aims to upgrade Thai products to compete with the world market.

The Company’s policies strives to encourage its personnel to gain knowledge and expertise, stimulate personal development for the development of the organisation in terms of production and innovation which supports the Company to achieve the goals.

Corporate Culture

The organisation provides clear expectations via its vision, mission, roles of each individual, as well as KPIs that are revised regularly. Shrinkflex compels their personnel to upgrade themselves and evolve with new technologies and researches through internal and external educational seminars. The Company promotes employees to take pride in being a part of a stable establishment with sustainable growth. It is also mindful of their employee’s wellbeing; the Company has set up a provident fund for them, provides transportation in many areas, and continuously compensates the workforce.

Activities are organised to strengthen bonding, including Sport Day, annual health check, firefighting training, fire drill and drug and alcohol check. Shrinkflex also organises CSR activities. The Company organises CSR activities since their very first year of establishment. Shrinkflex felt the necessity for their employees to feel empathy for other human beings and to be responsible for society as a whole. It is, furthermore, a sustainable path of personal development for the employees, allowing them to grow along with the Company.

Shrinkflex (Thailand) PCL is one of ASEAN’s leading providers of integrated labelling solutions.

Achievements and Impact

Company revenue has been increasing in 2017, 2018 and 2019. Total revenue was 391.48, 430.74 and 586.40 million baht respectively.

One of the key strategies of Shrinkflex is to provide customer value in terms of quality, price, services, and customer relationship. The Company is certified ISO: 9001:2015 from SGS. It has also implemented Software SAP B1 which is the highly efficient system for internal system management. A new product development and graphics design team has also been set up to help customers develop prototypes to best suit their market while consulting and solving issues for customers.

Shrinkflex views customers as strategic partners and regularly communicate with them to understand their demands, to offer after-sale services and to share innovations with them.

Future Direction

Shrinkflex (SFT) was registered with Market for Alternative Investment (MAI) on 29 October 2020. The objective is to raise funds in the long term in order to expand the factory to increase productivity, support growth of the shrink film industry (according to research, the growth of this industry in Thailand is 10.7% until 2026), and to support the growth of current customers. Moreover, there are new production lines for POF shrink film to approach the flexible packaging area. Efficient business management strategies are implemented to be prepared for new business opportunities. Shrinkflex continues to develop the systems of factories and machines, personnel and customers to have knowledge and capability to grow alongside the Company.