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Nu Infinity Sdn Bhd

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Company Introduction

Nu Infinity started out with 2 partners in 2008 and the third partner joined in 2010 to form Nu Infinity Sdn. Bhd. It started out as a 5-person interior design firm and grew to 25 personnel in 2020. From its beginning, the core principle of the company is to create high standard designs that are publications-worthy and able to compete on international design platforms. The other important aspect of the company was to establish a strong brand image to capture the hearts of anyone that is looking for top-notch interior designs.

Nu Infinity forges meaningful connections with clients to revolutionise the way designs are envisioned and created in order to lead the path in showcasing this country’s world class output. Nu Infinity also practises humility and mindfulness in its works so to achieve a higher purpose. Nu Infinity wishes to become one of the most loved and valued design hubs in the world.

Corporate Culture

Business-wise, Nu Infinity is very aggressive in committing to a good quantity of projects annually in order to generate sufficient profit to initiate other goals and plans such as good salary structure, advancement in skill sets and expansion programmes.

All businesses are conducted in a lawful manner and with transparency. Nu Infinity practises fair treatment to all individuals and promote equal opportunities for all staff members. Teamwork is valued and emphasized as the one greatest strength to creating extraordinary designs.

Passion & Dreams.

Achievements and Impact

Nu Infinity realises the importance of both the things happening in the foreground and the need to strengthen the back-end operations. The need to have the foresights to build strong foundations in order to strive forward is one of the core strengths of this company. As such, Nu Infinity has been steadily growing at above 25% annually for the past 3 years.

Nu Infinity emphasises the need to constantly evaluated strategies across the organisation at a regular basis. They realise good designs will generate growth and sales, as well as attract talents. Profits are reinvested unto the organisation to generate development in skills and knowledge through classes, upgrading of hardware and software, expansion of the office to promote balance and comfortable working environment and to optimise the work flow through effective work plans managed by the different leaders.

Future Direction

Nu Infinity is planning towards owning their own office and allocating share ownership to key leaders within its organisation. Property) expanding from Malaysia and “franchise” out worldwide.