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Medialink Group Limited



Medialink Group Limited

Media & Entertainment Industry

Company Introduction

Founded by Chiu Siu Yin Lovinia in 1994, Medialink Group Limited ( is a leading dynamic market mover of media content distribution and brand licensing business headquartered in Hong Kong with presence in Mainland China, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Philippines and Japan. The Group has been engaging in two main business segments, namely Media Content Distribution Business and Brand Licensing Business. It has further expanded its business in relation to movies distribution and establishing its own platforms – Ani-One® anime channel, Ani-Mall™ e-commerce platform, and Ani-Kids™ edutainment VOD channel. The Group’s vision and mission are to be “Asia Disney” in IP management encouraging creativity, cultural exchange and bring positivity and happiness to the community the Group operates and link the media players around the world, create value for all, and develop IPs that bring positivity and happiness respectively.

Corporate Culture

To develop a harmonious working environment, Medialink also holds a range of team activities such as annual training and annual team building event outside office in addition to local festive events, bringing employees in the region together. Medialink has established the Share Award Scheme and staff continuous study subsidy to incentivise and award its employees and also encourages its staff on life long learning. Medialink has been awarded with Good MPF Employer Award in 2018/2019 and 2019/2020.

Medialink has actively participated in a range of CSR activities, such as Community Day, Charity Run and Flag Day. Other than participating in charitable events, Medialink also through its content distribution and brand licensing supported various charitable activities. For example, Medialink donated the proceed of screening a documentary called the “Twelve Nights” in 2014 to SAA. The documentary advocated the idea of “Adoption and No abandonment” to people that wish to own a pet. Besides, Medialink supported “One Scarf One Hope”, in which Bhutanese women are empowered to succeed in life not just for their own and their families, but also to help people help themselves. The founder of Medialink, Ms Chiu Siu Yin, Lovinia, has established the Chiu Siu Yin Lovinia Scholarship for students of the Hong Kong Baptist University studying film, animation & media art as a profession.

No Pain No Gain.

Achievements and Impact

Since the foundation of the Group in 1994, Medialink Group has successfully transformed its operation from a family business to a listed company, expanding its scale from three sisters located in Hong Kong to 100 employees in 11 locations in the region. According to the Frost & Sullivan Report, the Group ranked No.1 among Japanese animation distributors in the Mainland China in terms of revenue in 2017. To enhance the Group’s business, Medialink has rolled out a 5-year business strategies which include expansion on content distribution network; acquisition of new titles & rights; strategic content co-investment; acquisition of licensing brands; expansion on licensing brands rights; becoming Hong Kong ambassador; and engagement in new investment and business. The Group started from HK$100,000 capital to an annual sales turnover of HK$315 million in FY2019/20.

Future Direction

The Group will enter into the second year of its five years strategy focusing in three key areas to increase revenue sources: 1) to strengthen its bespoke content distribution and its own platforms by further expanding the flagship channel “Ani-One®” through partnering with local OTT platforms in the territories of Indonesia, Thailand and India, and continue to develop the two brand new channel and platform – “Ani-Kids™” and “Ani-Mall™”; 2) to expand the strategic content and brand investment in more IPs, spanning animated series, movies, TV series, characters and brands, such as the animated series of “Kiki and Nuna” – a character brand codeveloped by the Group; and 3) to venture into new businesses such as developing and licensing its self-owned characters and brands as well as investments in music, video games, merchandise, etc.

Adhering to the core value of “content is king”, the Group will continue to build on the depth and breadth of the media content distribution business and brand licensing business so as to strengthen its bespoke distribution platforms and develop more IP ownerships. Given the all-round strategic plan, the Group expects sustainable overall growth business performance, and continually solidifying its position as a leading player in the industry.