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Gunkul Engineering Public Company Limited (GUNKUL)



Gunkul Engineering Public Company Limited (GUNKUL)

Mining & Energy Industry

Company Introduction

Gunkul Engineering Public Company Limited is focused on becoming the leading producer of electricity from renewable energy, including as both the manufacturer and provider of equipment for power systems. The Company has come a long way as a business and with its ethical development since it was founded in 1982 as an electrical equipment trader. GUNKUL later expanded into manufacturing, EPC business, and filed for IPO in 2010 to grow its renewable generation business. One year later, GUNKUL was included in the SET100 index and later included in the calculation of the MSCI Global Standard Indexes.

After filing for IPO in the Stock Exchange of Thailand, GUNKUL expanded its business from 5 companies to 50 companies under the GUNKUL Group. Currently, GUNKUL is a manufacturer and supplier of over 5,000 electrical equipment and products and a reputable one-stop renewable energy EPC and O&M service provider with over 15% market share in Thailand. GUNKUL also has world-class renewable energy projects with a visible and robust pipeline across Asia

Corporate Culture

GUNKUL is the leading supplier of equipment for power systems and renewable energy systems, covering all stages of transmission and distribution of electricity from power plants to consumers with more than 5,000 items to meet the needs of different customer groups. The Company operates in the manufacture and supply of equipment for electrical power systems and alternative energy system. GUNKUL offers protective equipment, including disconnecting switch and surge arrester; cable and accessories, such as cable and preformed; equipment and tools, such as safety belt, helmet, glove and measurement equipment; street lightings, such as photo control switch and street lighting control relay, and alternative energy equipment, such as windmill and solar cell. These goods are produced by the subsidiaries and/or supplied by producers in Thailand and overseas such as USA, Germany, Sweden, Japan and China.

The Group operates a business of generating and distributing power from renewable energy sources (RES) for the government sector in line with state policies to promote renewable energy power generation and consumption. At the present, GUNKUL has existing Power Plants with a total equity capacity of 638 MW.

Not only the energy, we care.

Achievements and Impact

GUNKUL undertakes its operations with the highest efficiency standards with emphasis on the society and environment. In 2020, GUNKUL fully transformed itself from a trading company with volatile earnings to a renewable energy player with a stable cash flow and high margins. GUNKUL’s EBITDA from Renewable Power increased from 29% in 2014 to 89% and 92% by 2018 and 2019 and is expected to increase to 90% in 2020.

Future Direction

Digital transformation and Innovation become mature and fully integrated for the world energy trend in future. We believe that renewable energy is essential to life and all living organisms. The company look beyond the future and innovative opportunities to fundamental rights for Thai people for energy easily accessible. “GUNKUL Spectrum” is set up as one of GUNKUL subsidiaries to focus on keep growing with partners that full of experiences. To provide P2P, B2C, B2B, Microgrid, Smartgrid, Smartcity, EV, ect. A young DNA in blood generation team with the same mission “Create an indefinite source of energy for the future”.

NOW, are you ready to “Warp to Mars” with GUNKUL?