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FrameMotion Studio Sdn Bhd

Media & Entertainment Industry

Company Introduction

Framemotion Studio is the first, and only multimedia immersive content creator in Malaysia. Creating mesmerising visuals and impressive bring-to-market content, they provide the kind of wow factor that serves to leave lasting impressions. From the initial conceptualisation of storyboards, to the final production and presentation of fully customised interactive content, they have established themselves to be at the forefront of the industry, being a complete turnkey solution provider, both in the virtual and physical space, bringing the customer and branding experience to new heights.

FrameMotion Studio believes innovation is the key to marketing, and with digitalisation, it provides the perfect match in bringing the message to any audience. They put our best foot forward in their dedication to creatively engage audiences, injecting their vision to create unforgettable experiences, which enable their clients to achieve the utmost in brand awareness and tremendously heightened brand equity.

Corporate Culture

FrameMotion Studio strongly believes in the tremendous promise and potential of their talents, and provides a conducive environment for them to be at their best when in the midst of innovation and creation. They actively engage their staff and developers on working conditions, and as they constantly seek to improve their quality of life, whether it be adjusting working hours, or providing more benefits.

Within the work space, FrameMotion Studio actively promotes a healthy physical and psychological lifestyle, providing weekly sports sessions, monthly company excursions and annual overseas trips for staff, providing much needed breaks amidst their busy schedules.

Integrate ideas into immersive masterpiece.

Achievements and Impact

FrameMotion Studio has just expanded its offices in 2020, to 4 locations with 62 employees in total. With a globalisation initiative, the business has been expended to China, Singapore, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, India, Japan, USA and Canada.

To strengthen team spirit, FrameMotion Studio has initiated classes for 3D animation, filming production and programming workshops for employees to boost their skills to keep up with the latest trends and improve practical skills of employees.

Future Direction

FrameMotion Studio has been a well-known content and customised solutions company for 12 years. Moving forward, FrameMotion plans to create products with IP (Intellectual Property) expanding from Malaysia and “franchise” out worldwide.