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Everise Holdings Pte Ltd

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Company Introduction

Everise, a next-generation global business process outsourcing (BPO) company, offers leading-edge customer service solutions. The company’s mission is to offer brands CX transformation across all their customer touchpoints, transforming a brand’s customers into fans and their products into passions.

Through disruptive outsourcing solutions, Everise helps Fortune 500 companies and renowned unicorns scale their business; making them more competitive, innovative and enabling them to act with speed. Their end-to-end offerings include Customer Experience (CX), Digital Experience (DX) and Product Experience (PX) solutions. The Company’s cutting-edge solutions include multilingual, native language voice intelligence solutions, AIpowered chatbots, virtual help desk assistants, as well as enabling pre-release field and beta testing of Internet of Things (IoT) products, among traditional services. Everise is the first BPO partner to offer a comprehensive line of Smart Home, IoT and software product-focused services.

Corporate Culture

Everise believes that to elevate customer experience, you need to be people-first. Their award-winning culture allows them to attract and retain top talents. The company provides best-in-class benefits including healthcare, tuition assistance programmes, paid time off, retirement savings plan and flexible spending accounts.

The Company is an equal opportunity employer and provides culturally informed customer experiences through a diverse and inclusive workforce which is powered by women. 35% are Directors to CXO’s and 52% are team leaders and senior managers with 61% being customer service representatives.

Their Experience Centres are designed with employee wellness in mind and recreational areas built to boost the employee experience and encourage team bonding. Everise also has a no dress code dress code that makes everyone feel comfortable and able to express their own style.

Everise offers employee programmes such as Everise Accelerator, a programme dedicated to fast tracking champions into supervisor and managerial positions through immersive instructor-led training programme, Everise Career Development, which pairs promising employees with department leaders who then provide career coaching and skills development, and Everise University, a learning platform allowing employees to benefit from a large pool of knowledge. All locations worth with local charities and school programmes to be active in their respective communities under the Everise Cares programme.

We help transform customers into fans and products into passions.

Achievements and Impact

Everise has invested millions of dollars in developing talents, tools, infrastructure and security practices to enable staff to work from home. They engineered home-based operations such as remote recruiting, virtual training and on-boarding, and business intelligence. As a result, all of their solutions, including omnichannel customer service, tech support, fraud detection, community moderation, chatbots and natural language interactive voice response systems, can be delivered from home. Due to this effort, Everise has not been disrupted by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Everise expects to grow revenues by 50% in 2020, and is currently recruiting new employees due to new businesses and a rapid implementation of their Work at Home (W@H) solution across 90% of their 10,000 strong workforce within two weeks of the start of the pandemic. Everise’s total headcount is expected to grow by 50% in 2020, and their sales cycle has reduced from 6 to 12 months, down to 2 to 4 weeks to capitalise on new business opportunities.

Future Direction

A recent remote work survey conducted by the company found that 96% of its people indicated they would prefer a blend of both home-based and office work. Everise projects their Experience Centres to evolve into Experience Hubs, where employees will have the flexibility to spend a portion of their time, if they choose. Using their remote work infrastructure, the company plans to expand in markets where a physical presence is not necessary.

A major goal of the company is to be a 1 billion-dollar CX company by 2024. Over the next 12-18 months, they plan to continue to grow organically as well as complete at least two acquisitions to augment their capabilities and market offering.