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EB Frozen Food Sdn Bhd

Food & Beverages Industry


Company Introduction

Established in 2016, EB Frozen Food Sdn Bhd is the subsidiary of the award-winning company Everbest Group. By focusing on the manufacturing and production of Halal surimi-based products, there is no doubt that it has a firm footing in the food and beverage industry today. Every product of EB is produced in compliance with Halal, GMP, HACCP and ISO 22000 standards, which stress on the hygienic condition for safe consumption. From the freshly-picked ingredients, manufacturing process until delivery to the consumer, every step is taken with extra care and passion. EB provides 7 series of savoury seafood-based products with only the freshest ingredients and quality — Hotpot, Finger Food, Dim Sum, Western Food, Japanese, Sossy and Oceanic Series.

Corporate Culture

Every company is unique in its own way, especially in terms of corporate culture. The employees are trained to work with breakneck speed in order to confront unpredictable circumstances and most importantly, have an obligation in meeting consumers’ needs at all times. From providing job opportunities to environmental awareness, CSR is one of the important practices in EB. The programmes include sponsored AEON Rider Launch 2020, which jobs are provided for those who lost their jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic, PERKESO Seberang Jaya Open Interview and the Langur Project Penang (LPP) where participants were educated with the importance of wildlife conservations.

Feel The Fresh Beats.

Achievements and Impact

EB has three manufacturing plants with a total built-up of at least 350,000 sq.ft. which includes a modern plant at Halal Hub, Penang Science Park. Following hikes in demand, EB established its own QA, QC and R&D teams. EB has also successfully expanded to a new development plant in 2020 at the Kulim High Tech Park with 871,200 sq.ft. land area, the largest plant in its development history. Along with the expansion, EB now has more than 1,100 professional staffs which play a significant role in achieving its goals in the long-term.

EB has also set its footprint in Singapore, providing a wide range of products which are sold in supermarkets, food service centres and popular retail outlets. EB has successfully exported to more than 28 countries including Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Australasia and North America. EB will keep unlocking more boundaries in the future to reach larger markets and achieve global recognition. EB has always tried to consolidate its strategy precisely for better development in the long run. These include implementing a series of marketing strategies to enhance brand recognition and drive sales towards sturdy growth via social media’s such as Facebook and YouTube. Also by collaborating with video production teams and influencers for more attractive contents. The Company also engages in advertising such as product and brand integration, outdoor advertising, shopping malls and broadcast advertising. On top of that, roadshows and events are held to increase awareness such as business to business exhibitions, business to consumer exhibitions and also corporate social responsibility (CSR). And lastly, POSM, trifold, streamer, wobbler, headcover and poster.

Future Direction

The paradigm shift in the F&B industry along with changes in patterns of food consumption has made EB continuously expand its business by exporting to more countries, setting up new offices in Singapore and Thailand in coping rising of demand from the locals while exploring new business relations where seamless collaborations are possible in the future.