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Clement Shield
(Security Specialist & Event Organiser) Limited



Clement Shield (Security Specialist & Event Organiser) Limited

Professional Business & Services Industry

Company Introduction

Established in 2015 by a former Police Superintendent with over 23 years of experience in elite units of the Hong Kong Police Force, Clement Shield is a leading security consultant and event organiser. The company provides a comprehensive suite of innovative and high standard professional services ranging from security consultancy, training programmes, risk analysis and provision of close protection operatives.

Key personnel of the company are former police officers from elite units within the Hong Kong Police Force, including VIP Protection Unit, Airport Security Unit, Criminal Intelligence Bureau, Counter- Terrorism Response Unit, Hostage Negotiation Unit and the Counter-Terrorism Task Force.

Clement Shield’s vision is to lead the industry as a one-stop holistic professional security and risk management solution to global partners. The mission is to provide round-the-clock services and unparalleled expertise to protect clients all over the world from a diverse portfolio of risks and threats.

Corporate Culture

Clement Shield Group take cares of its staff by offering performance bonus; providing health and safety and protection equipment; organising happy hour sessions among staff and providing a nonsmoking work environment.

Green Initiatives
Clement Shield is committed to taking steps, whether big or small, to minimise damage to the environment. The company is environmentally friendly and facilitates sustainability. Clement Shield began its “go green” process by implementing a paperless working operation. The use of cloud networks and scanning necessary documents into share drives reduces the amount of paper wastage and other small waste items. Switching to a cloudbased/ share drive option can reduce the use of paper and cut the purchase substantially per year.

Although not a major proportion of its monthly spending, utility cost still represent a significant proportion of expenses. Clement Shield has cut utility costs by changing all light fixtures to energyefficient rated fixtures with LED light bulbs. Clement Shield keeps its office temperature at 25 degrees to minimise air conditioning bills. Besides, the company does not install any curtain in office to maximise the use of sunlight being environmentally friendly.

The company procures recycled paper products with FSC certificate. Clement Shield supports a business that values sustainability, and are also helping to support initiatives that preserve trees and natural resources.

World Class Security in Asia.

Achievements and Impact

Since its establishment in 2015, Clement Shield been a service provider to clients across jurisdictions, operating with 350 staff. It has received recognitions such as: 2018: Appreciation by Lan Kwai Fong Association
2018: Guest Speaker in the Hong Kong Institute of Architects
2019: Most Outstanding Business Award by HKMOB
2020: Appreciation by the Legislative Council

The key to Clement Shield’s achievements is its corporate strategy. For example, in the deployment of security guards, the company provides not only security guards but also on-site inspections and surprise/secret inspections. Guards are provided with skills training including situation awareness, core security skills, subject specific training, on-site coaching and operational leadership and command training.

Future Direction

The Asia Pacific award acknowledges Clement Shield’s achievement in bringing world-class security solutions and highend security training to organisations.

When the company entered business in 2015, the founder has identified an opportunity to revamp the security industry — an occasion to build a new image, set a new standard that security services are not only gatekeepers, but respected professionals. They will act as an adviser on board. Eventual success would be marked by the public’s change of impression on the security industry.

This is particularly the case, given the social movements, pandemic and consequently economic downturn around the world. There will be additional demand for security services.

The company is committed to expand its business, not only in Hong Kong, but in the Asia Pacific.