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Aspire Systems Pvt Ltd

Telecommunications & ICT Industry

Company Introduction

Aspire Systems was founded in 1996 and is a global technology services firm. Its vertical focus areas are Independent Software Vendors and Retail, Banking & Financial Services and Insurance. Its core expertise is built around Software Engineering, Digital Services, Testing and Infrastructure & Application Support.

Its core philosophy of Attention. Always communicates its belief in lavishing care and attention on its customers, employees and society. Over the course of these years, the company has evolved as an organization by being patient, agile and adaptable.

Aspire’s mission is to be a trusted technology partner for customers, offering a high degree of expertise in the chosen areas of focus. It would like to attract and develop the best talents, provide exciting career opportunities for people and create one of the best workplaces.

Its vision is to be one of the fastest-growing technology service providers in the world.

Its values: Its culture is built on its values described as ORBIT (Openness, Respect for others, Balanced freedom with responsibility, Inclusive Learning, Total focus on customers).

Corporate Culture

Aspire believes that its Culture and Values differentiate it from others and help it creates a people-centric organisation. Employees can voice their opinions through a monthly survey called E-pulse. Employee opinions are sought in planning strategic organisational goals. Structured programmes including IMPACT Training, Fast- Track and ALEAP help employees carve out a growth path for themselves. An equal opportunity player, the company sensitises employees on diversity and inclusion. Aspire’s gender ratio of 71:29 (M:F) is amongst the best in the industry.

To create a uniform employee experience, people managers are empowered with culture training. Employee engagement initiatives are customised for its global workforce. Benefits are designed as per regional and legal requirements. Aspire promotes dialogue through several communication channels including the website, intranet, newsletters and social media. The significance of branding and culture are highlighted through regular workshops. A Knowledge Management portal and an agile and innovation-based work environment help Aspirians stay ahead of the curve.

Aspire believes in the philosophy of giving back to society. Its corporate responsibility is discharged in two major ways. Polestar is an internal initiative that promotes employee volunteerism and participation in a wide range of activities supporting social causes. The Pearltri Foundation works towards creating sustainable livelihood opportunities for youths through skill-building programmes.

Attention. Always

Achievements and Impact

Aspire started operations with a 7-member team in 1996 and have today grown to a 2,900-member organisation servicing over 150 customers across US, Latam, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and India. With a focused and steady growth path in terms of revenue and headcount over the years, and a current revenue of USD 110 mn despite the COVID 19 pandemic, it is now poised to make the next leap of growth to USD 200 mn by 2022. Its expansion has always been a combination of organic and inorganic (acquisitions) growth with the following talent development and operational strategies to support sustainable development to attract, train and retain the right team members, map talent outcomes and initiatives to organisational objectives, develop employees’ capabilities, create an Internal Leadership Pool, create an Inclusive Learning Culture, pay deep attention to technology and customers.

Over the last 3 years, Aspire has acquired four organisations. Its strategy for expansion is in keeping with its mission to be a global company. Aspire believes that sustaining organisational growth, achieving long-term goals and demonstrating market leadership can only be achieved through highly engaged, committed and motivated employees.

Future Direction

Aspire’s ongoing Mission 200.X necessitates a growth rate of 26% per year and an increase in employee strength to 5000, up from 2900+. Strategic business priorities are aligned with HR policies and practices to enable the organisation to accomplish the ongoing mission. In keeping with this belief, Aspirians are encouraged to arrive at a set of priorities including winning large deals, increasing focus on emerging technologies and innovation, creating strong, well-rounded front-ending teams, enhancing sales and marketing reach, strengthening brand and position in the market, and bolstering Talent Management strategies that will help the company evolve to the next level of growth.

Succession planning forms a part of the robust risk management strategy. Most of Aspire’s leaders are long timers and the banding structure allows Aspirians to have a clear vision of their career progression.