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Arvato Systems Malaysia Sdn Bhd

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Company Introduction

The way we work, learn, travel, shop and relax have evolved rapidly over the past decade with digital conveniences. Every industry requires IT systems and infrastructures to support our digitising lifestyle. With over 70,000 digital leaders in over 40 countries today, Arvato Systems Malaysia Sdn Bhd is a leading digital transformation partner dedicated to high-level IT technical knowledge and industry expertise.

It is Arvato Systems Malaysia’s vision to innovate breakthrough solutions within the field of information technology that contribute to their customers’ business excellence. To break new grounds in the work of digital transformation, the company believes that it all begins with talent diversity and openness in the work culture.

Arvato Systems Malaysia operates under two core values, Creativity & Entrepreneurship. The company’s management philosophy aims to empower its people with the freedom to share their creative thoughts, ideas and inspiration. New challenges are confronted with open minds, efficient processes and a diverse range of experiences to create true innovations.

The company also values independence and flexibility over corporate hierarchy—fostering a superior sense of ownership amongst its people. Employees of Arvato Systems Malaysia are given the liberty to think, act and grow like an entrepreneur, making them integral partners in determining Arvato Systems Malaysia’s innovative future and commercial success.

Corporate Culture

Employees are the driving force behind the quality, efficiency and Employees are the driving force behind the quality, efficiency and innovation that lead to a sustainable business strategy. Hence, Arvato Systems Malaysia prioritises regular, constructive dialogues with its employees. Aside from guiding aspiring talents toward their professional goals, this active corporate culture allows employees to engage in providing valuable feedback that shapes the future of the company.

The skills and conduct of managers are crucial to a company’s success. Arvato Systems Malaysia is confident that their talents are capable of excellence. Therefore its management gives freedom to its employees to design how they want to work. Trust, autonomy and flexibility at Arvato Systems Malaysia cultivates a strong sense of ownership within its people. The presence of hierarchy is barely felt with its co-workers behaving as equal partners sharing a common sense of purpose.

Arvato Systems Malaysia encourages a strong corporate culture based on partnership. The company places utmost value on balance in all facets of their employees’ lives because they believe that personal life is equally important as work for employees of all tiers. Weekly sports events, team building exercises, afterwork activities and annual trips not only help employees value life outside of work but also builds a sense of camaraderie between co-workers.

Entrepreneurial success is not only measured by economic key figures, but also by how sustainable and responsible a company conducts itself. Arvato Systems Malaysia sees itself as part of the society and regularly participates in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). It allows the business to continue playing a part in the world while encouraging their employees to get involved as well in initiatives with NGOs such as Go Green Initiatives.

Because IT is in your blood.

Achievements and Impact

Originally, Arvato Systems Malaysia was set up in 2005 to engage in the implementation of information and communication technologies as well as the development of key future technologies and innovative services. It started off with less than 40 employees and grew to become an important offshore delivery hub of the Arvato Systems Group—part of the esteemed, Bertelsmann Group. Today, Arvato Systems Malaysia is a company of 180 diverse talents — providing expertise in core technologies such as SAP, Java, Microsoft, Service Operations, Quality Assurance and Application Development.

Over the years, Arvato Systems Malaysia has consistently achieved an annual business growth of 20%. In 2017, the company achieved a new milestone when it relocated to the heart of Kuala Lumpur. The office expansion and relocation is a direct response to growing business requirements and a deliberate effort to create an agile working environment for its people. Arvato Systems Malaysia continually invests in its company’s most valuable assets — the people. Aside from drawing diverse talents through recruitment, the company has put in place comprehensive career development plans and programmes to give employees the best opportunities to grow their expertise or to gain new skills. Arvato Systems Malaysia believes that investing in people ultimately helps their company to meet more business challenges and to achieve higher success rates.

Future Direction

By the end of 2025, Arvato Systems Malaysia sets its eyes on increasing their resource ratio by 25%—projecting growth to a cumulative of 300 employees. The company aims to do so by continuing their best practices to be the employer of choice for talents around Southeast Asia.

The company believes that employee diversity is a prerequisite for innovation and an essential factor in the company’s sustainable prosperity. The company works towards recognising, implementing and further developing the potential and abilities of all their employees irrespective of individual differences. The company targets to achieve a more diverse workforce by 2030, which they believe would give them a competitive advantage and a better Arvato Systems ability to grow as a company.