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ARB Berhad

Telecommunications & ICT Industry

Company Introduction

ARB Berhad (“ARB”) was incorporated in Malaysia in October 1997 and was listed on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad in February 2004. ARB is an IT software and platform provider that aspires to transform traditional enterprises into cloud and technology enterprises via its unique ecosystem partnership model. The Group’s IT segment operates predominantly in two (2) business areas – ERP and IoT. The ERP unit involves in designing and reselling of customised ERP solutions. The IoT unit provides customers with integrated solutions in the systems, engineering, procurement, commissioning and management of IoT systems (IoT SEPCM). It also manages a portfolio of renewable energy solutions (Re-energy solutions). Its expertise lies in empowering businesses through digital transformation and technology integration.

ARB provides complete solution for the integration of customised ERP systems, IoT systems and devices from designing to project deployment. The IoT system products and services include smart buildings, smart homes and smart water supply management solutions. For smart buildings, ARB provides a complete solution with full turnkey deployment from designing, installation, testing, pre-commissioning and commissioning of various IoT systems and devices as well as integration of automated systems for smart buildings. For smart homes, ARB provides a comprehensive IoT features to meet the smart home service designs which can integrate a range of electrical appliances, centralised control and remote monitoring, accessible via mobile devices (iOS and Android) and Windows operating systems. For smart water supply management, the system enables a new level of operational efficiency, accurate online billing and online monitoring water supply system.

ARB’s vision and key priorities to focus on expanding and strengthening partner ecosystem, expand into new horizontal markets, target vertical industries, strengthen commitment and accountability.

Corporate Culture

ARB conducts activities in accordance with the laws, rules and regulations in various places that operate and support employees to consistently uphold the highest standard of integrity and accountability. ARB keeps its technical personnel trained and updated on the techniques and technologies that can help them to perform their duties effectively. This will improve their performance and productivity while at the same time, increase their value and future marketability. ARB believes in striking a balance between profitability and social responsibility to the communities. CSR activities focus on Education, Healthcare, and Community Enrichment and aligns with fighting the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak. ARB is providing full scholarships for Postgraduate Research Program students and sponsors the setting up of the ARB Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and ARB IoT Laboratory in Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia. Not only that, ARB also has “The Internship Programme” which offers an opportunity for undergraduates who are keen to take up industrial experience before joining the workforce. These include a holistic approach to bridge the gap between study and work experience in customised job rotation, enhancing work management, international assignments and face-to-face development interventions where a dedicated coach and mentor is assigned to guide the students throughout their journey.

Everything you can imagine is real.

Achievements and Impact

ARB has set out objectives to attain its goals in the near future. This allows the company to take step-by-step approaches rather than drastic steps which may cause losses and delay in projects. ARB will continue to develop and retain talents by providing and sponsoring training programmes for employees to upgrade their skills. To ensure continued business success, ARB continuously develops and researches products and services while bringing innovation to customers. ARB’s ERP system and solutions provides seamless business operations for its business partners and clients in Malaysia.

Future Direction

Since the implementation of their projects in Malaysia and Cambodia, they plan to grow their business by taking advantage of cross-border business opportunities in other countries within the South East Asian (“SEA”) region. In line with their regional expansion plan, they intend to collaborate with local partners to extend their footprint in their IoT and ERP segments in countries through acquisition of business and technologies. In addition, they will increase marketing efforts to enhance their brand name and awareness in the market industry.

ARB expects to collaborate with local partners, to be able to leverage on their Group’s present technical collaboration and partnerships with some of the companies and/or independent consultants in the industry. They work closely with various parties over the course of their operations, their collaborations with their partners which includes bilateral referral. Further, to speed up their business growth, they also partner with experienced consultants that have vast knowledge in their field as well as familiarity with the business environment of SEA countries. They have provided valuable insights, advice and technical support where necessary. They believe that the technology know-how and knowledge shared to them by their partners will help to expand and enhance their base with the new introduction of new products in the industry.