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Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation

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Company Introduction

Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation (AIDC), previously known as Aero Industry Development Centre, was founded in 1969. AIDC was a military aircraft R&D base until transitioning into a commercial business entity in 1996 under the authority of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and later became a private company and was listed on the TWSE in 2014.

Corporate Culture

In its quest for growth, AIDC does not neglect its social responsibilities as can be seen in its Management and Economics, Environmental Protection and Social Care.

In Management and Economics, AIDC complies with all relevant government regulations. With AIDC’s well-established corporate managing framework and audit system, the company believes that a self-disciplined, responsible and well-functioning board of directors is fundamental to effective and efficient corporate operations.

In terms of Environmental Protection, AIDC has established an internal environmental managing system and adopted strategies such as green procurement to reduce carbon footprints and possible environmental impact that may occur due to acquisition activities; develop green products. Externally, AIDC applies flight engineering technologies in the execution of the Dropwindsonde Observation for Typhoon Surveillance near the Taiwan Region and the Southwest Monsoon Experiment projects in support of the government’s policy of “Prevent instead of Rescue; Avoid instead of Prevent”. These projects are aimed at preparing the nation for better prevention and relief against natural disasters. AIDC also provides medical charter flight service for domestic, offshore islands, and international air routes to transfer patients to destinations for medical care.

To be a world class aerospace provider.

Achievements and Impact

AIDC has achieved several significant accomplishments which included construction of the Turbine Centre Frame to facilitate AIDC’s aero engine business; the roll-out ceremony of the Advanced Jet Trainer which was officially named the Yung-ying (Brave Eagle); completion of AIDC Brand 16G Commercial Airline Seats; and the signing of the F-16 Strategic Alliance MOU with Lockheed Martin Corporation.

Currently, AIDC is focusing on three primary tasks — Indigenous Development of an Advanced Jet Trainer, Supply Chain Integration and Establishment of a Fleet Maintenance Centre. To achieve indigenous development of an advanced jet trainer, AIDC continues to cultivate aerospace talents and complete each tasks through a mentor and apprentice system.

The near term goal of establishing the Fleet Maintenance Centre is to successfully perform the F-16A/B upgrade with a skilful and highly qualified maintenance workforce. Integrating Taiwan’s supply chain is a continuing effort by the Taiwan Aerospace Industry A-Team 4.0 Alliance, through which AIDC continues to lead the domestic aerospace and related industry members to transform, consolidate industry consensus, integrate advantages of domestic suppliers and tap international business opportunities.

Future Direction

AIDC will continue to secure its core capability in national defence and steadily develop its military businesses. AIDC rides the current wave of global supply chain reorganisation by expanding the domestic aero industry supply chain with anticipated growth in civil aircraft, aero engines, aero related technologies application and engineering services.

AIDC’s guidelines are to realise a self-sustaining national defence system, enhance national security and develop Taiwan’s aero industry and national economy. In line with these guidelines, AIDC will remain integrated with the international aero industry community and be innovative in the development of global business while striving to increase profits for shareholders. The roadmap is to develop into a conglomerate organisation, help to enlarge Taiwan’s aerospace output and maintain the company’s standing as a domestic and international first rate aerospace and technology service enterprise.