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ACM Landholdings, Inc.

Property Development Industry

Company Introduction

ACM Landholdings, Inc. (ACM) is a 28 year old residential housing developer in the Philippines. ACM caters to the housing needs of low to middle income Filipinos and has built more than 12,000 homes in 30 communities. A number of its housing projects have been recognised as best in class by local organisations. ACM’s quality management system conforms to international standards and has been ISO 9001:2015 certified.

ACM’s VISION is to create a lifetime of pride and joy for Filipinos by helping them realise their dream of having a home to call their own.

It is the MISSION of ACM to enable Filipinos to have their own homes with primary consideration to design excellence, developmental attributes and innovation.

ACM’s corporate culture has been shaped by its progressive business model. Embedded in its Corporate Culture are the Following core values:
  • SUSTAINABILITY by building homes and communities that support environmental preservation.
  • INNOVATION by discovering new offerings, new ways and new directions for growth.
  • PASSION to pursue quality and excellence in products and services, passion for development of personnel competence and organisational capabilities.
  • MAKING A DIFFERENCE in the communities and industries.

Corporate Culture

To nurture its corporate culture, ACM has adopted a central theme with the objective of having every member of the organisation mindful of practices and attributes that promote its Core Values. For the last 3 years, ACM has ICE — Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship, as its theme for the organisation.

The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic gave ACM the impetus to implement changes. Three task force units were created to drive the critical changes — People Task Force, Process and Technology Task Force and the Product Task Force. The People Task Force addresses the impact of COVID on the organisation and the workforce. The collaboration between the Product Task Force and Process and Technology Task Force has fast-tracked the digitisation/automation of several business processes most particularly, the selling and marketing processes of the company. With the use of artificial intelligence, sales are now drawn from on-line advertisements through social media platforms and the company’s website. Product presentations are now done via video conferencing and other digital tools. Spearheaded by the Product Task Force, new business opportunities were identified and resulted into the launching of a pivot business that is expected to augment the income from the company’s core business.

Together We Make A Village.

Achievements and Impact

After operating for 24 years in the Cavite and Batangas areas in Southern Luzon, the company ventured out to the Visayas region by initiating a project in 2015 in Iloilo City. The 14-hectare Salas Real project has become one of the most successful and multi awarded projects of the Company. Subsequently, the management acquired and developed a 1.5-hectare adjacent property offering economically priced housing units. The Company is currently evaluating a number of prospective properties in Iloilo and the neighbouring city of Bacolod. In 2021, ACM is also set to launch an affordable housing project in Baliuag Bulacan, close to the upcoming international airport in the Philippines.

The Company has mapped out a land bank blueprint that involves creating more projects in fast growing areas in the country. To support its upsized future revenues and market coverage, the Company will raise additional funding by securing more banking facilities and capital infusion, preferably via initial public offering.

Future Direction

ACM’s ultimate aim is to be the Top 3 player in the affordable housing sector in the Philippines. In the near term, ACM will embark on an expansion programme in regions where local economies are growing rapidly and where government infrastructure programmes are prioritised. In the next 3 years, the company will include midrise housing and socialised housing products to its portfolio. ACM will also be on the lookout for latest design and construction technologies. ACM is also progressively building a network of suppliers and contractors to sustain and improve the efficiency of its supply chain. The company has put in place a two-tracked development programme with the objective of identifying future leaders and providing them with the necessary skills.