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A. Article
The article should be written in third person style and should be approximately 700-800 words. The content should cover the points as below (according to the order):

1. Information about the Entrepreneur and their Business Success
1.1. A catchy introduction about the Entrepreneur highlighting their humble beginnings which has brought them to their current position, or the fortunate blessings given throughout their start-up journey
1.2. Include the current position of the Entrepreneur in the company (in layman terms)
1.3. Other interesting background about the Entrepreneur – birthplace, education background, childhood dreams, inspired role model/ events which resulted in their current success
1.4. Briefly describe significant obstacles faced by the Entrepreneur, and how it has been overcome
2. Achievements of The Company and the Role of the Entrepreneur
2.1. Discuss the contribution and leadership of the Entrepreneur to the company’s achievements and success
2.2. Include facts such as number of offices (opened in the last few years), number of employees, turnover achieved, company expansion overseas, or business model of expansion e.g. franchise, partnerships, etc.

*Do note that other award achievements shall not be included.
3. Other Interesting Facts about the Entrepreneur (If Applicable)
3.1. Include the Entrepreneur’s personal success, his/ her motto and beliefs in life, and success formula
3.2. Describe some personal characteristics of the Entrepreneur – e.g. his/ her passion, hobbies, and involvement in community organisations
4. Vision, Mission and Future Plans
4.1. Highlight the Entrepreneur’s vision, mission, and future plans for the company
4.2. Share the most rewarding aspects of the Entrepreneur’s job
4.3. Include one piece of advice which the Entrepreneur hopes to leave the readers with

B. Career Highlights (In Point Form, 10 – 12 words for each points)

Include 3-5 main career highlights/ distinctive achievements in the Entrepreneur’s timeline (e.g., academic graduation, formation of company, IPO/M&A)
*Do note that other award achievements shall not be included.
C. One Liner Life Motto (10 – 15 words)
Principle and/or quote the Entrepreneur lived by. The one-liner motto will be placed on top of the Entrepreneur’s main image.


  • Size: >1MB
  • Acceptable Format: AI / PNG


Minimum THREE (3) High Resolution Photos

  • Size: > 2MB/ A4/ 300 dpi/ 2000 x 1400 Pixels
  • Format: PDF/ AI/ JPEG
  • Orientation: Preferably in Landscape
  • Requirements: ¾ of the Entrepreneur’s body should be visible in all photos
  • Kindly note that this online profile can be viewed internationally. Hence, you may consider hiring a professional photographer to get the best shot.
  • Please ensure all photos included in the advertisements are in High Resolution.
  • Please do not submit passport photos / ID photos, or photos of the Entrepreneur receiving other awards.
  • We apologize that logo(s) or photo(s) of other awards will not be permitted in this online profile.
  • Feel free to send us more than THREE (3) photos and our designers will select the best image.