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A. Article
The article should be written in third person style and should be approximately 700-800 words. The content should cover the points as below (according to the order):

1. Information about the Company
1.1. An introduction about the Company – how it started, its core business, the markets it is involved in (in layman terms)
1.2. Include the vision and mission, corporate values and principles held across the Company
2. Innovative Corporate Culture and Growth Initiatives
2.1. Describe the Company's fast-paced culture and innovation initiatives and their contribution to the Company's growth strategy development.
2.2 Describe the Company’s growth strategy (e.g., timeline, milestone, market penetration, market development, product development and etc.)
2.3 Elaborate on the challenges and lessons learned during the Company’s rapid growth, and how it has been managed and overcome
3. Achievements and Impact
3.1. Share success stories of the Company's rapid growth (innovation, revenue to date, local and/or regional impact, expansion of Company, turnover achieved, number of employees and etc.)
3.2. Elaborate on the Company’s strategy to achieve sustainable growth (e.g., talent development/ operational excellence initiatives)

*Do note that other award achievements shall not be included.
4. Future Direction
4.1. Briefly highlight the expansion roadmap of the Company and its succession plan(s)

B. Company Milestones (In Point Form, 10 – 12 words for each points)

Include 3-5 highlights/ distinctive achievements in the Company’s timeline (e.g., date of establishment, major project completions, IPO/M&A)
*Do note that other award achievements shall not be included.
C. One Liner Company Motto (10 – 15 words)
Corporate tagline or brief fact about the Company. The motto will be placed on top of the main image.


  • Size: >1MB
  • Acceptable Format: AI / PNG


Minimum FIVE (5) High Resolution Photos (One Main Image & Four Supplementary Images)

  • Image Type: Photo of winners in front of office building or logo / employees activities / products or services showcase / CSR activities
  • Size: > 1MB/ A5/ 200 dpi/ 2000 x 1400 Pixels
  • Format: PDF/ AI/ JPEG
  • Orientation: Preferably in Landscape
  • Requirements: Please do not submit individual photos.
  • Kindly note that this online profile can be viewed internationally. Hence, you may consider hiring a professional photographer to get the best shot.
  • Please ensure all photos included in the advertisements are in High Resolution.
  • Please do not submit photos of the organization’s employees receiving other awards.
  • We apologize that logo(s) or photo(s) of other awards will not be permitted in this online profile.
  • Feel free to send us more than FIVE (5) photos and our designers will select the best image.


  • Company Website
  • Company social media links for tagging purposes only (Facebook and LinkedIn)
    *If there are no accounts on these platforms, please indicate ""N/A"" in the template