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Today is cruel; tomorrow is crueler, and the day after tomorrow is beautiful!

Farmasi OK Sdn Bhd
Healthcare, Pharmaceutical &
Biotechnology Industry
57-G, 57-1, Jalan Lagenda Suria 1, Taman Lagenda Suria, Jalan Hulu Langat, 43100 Cheras,
Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: +603 9025 2899

Career Highlights


  • Graduated from University Sains Malaysia with Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons).


  • Registered with Ministry of Health Malaysia as a registered pharmacist.


  • Formation of Farmasi OK Sdn Bhd.


  • Formation of OK Group Corporates.


  • Interviewed by Shanghai Hall of Fame as one of the Top 100 Entrepreneurs.
Outstanding Category

Steve Loh Leong Huat


“Stomp the yard” is one of the characteristics which perfectly demonstrates Mr. Steve Loh Leong Huat as a founder and CEO of OK Pharmacy group of chain pharmacies. His unique charisma is easily portrayed wherever he is present, be it in health conferences, corporate meetings or even business mingle activities. It is hard to resist being not attracted by such a humorous yet professional pharmacist entrepreneur.

Mr. Steve was born in a small village, Pontian, Johore. His upbringing defined and sharpened his current characteristic of “never-giving-up” as he knows the key to wealth attainment is through continuous effort and work smart. Being not born with a silver spoon, Mr. Steve built his business empire through unlimited and hopeless devotion from his beloved family. Despite his small successful achievement in his mid thirties, he never felt contented or hindered from moving forward to attain greater heights in his business milestones. Obstacles and hardship throughout the entrepreneurial journey are inevitable. Yet with his strong determination and powerful leadership, he was able to make it through together with his fellow teammates.

Mr. Steve is a typical family-oriented man. Undoubtedly he is a genuine fighter in his pharmacies empire who demonstrates a tough image at all times, nonetheless, at home he is completely a gentle homey man. His favourite hobby is to spend quality time with his beloved wife and his adorable children. Need not necessary to be back to back schedule like his usual board meeting, simply the companionship to his loved one is what he normally cherishes.

He does not value wealth in terms of monetary. He values it, instead, with financial freedom in the presence of a complete loving family. Without a complete family, everything in the world means nothing and meaningless to him. He believes that in being kind and sincere, goodness will return.

Determination, Teamwork, and Success

Being a grassroot entrepreneur, Mr. Steve and his beloved wife, Dr. Liew Hui Shi started their very first humble pharmacy outlet with all eggs in a basket concept. Literally, it is all-or-none, grow tall-or-fall. With continuous efforts and determination, the number of employees grew from two to currently more than 70 employees; from one outlet to more than 13 outlets and a centralised warehouse; from sending goods using his own vehicle to owning company vehicles and drivers. These are not something to be underestimated or depreciated as every great dream begins with a dreamer. The dream can be realised only when the dreamer is also a disciplined leader. One-man-show is not Mr. Steve’s pattern of leadership, instead, a team of dedicated crews are OK Pharmacy best fighting knights. Annual turnover from RM1 million per annum was grown exponentially to more than RM15 million per annum today. This is a testament that “if one wants to go fast, go alone; if one wants to go far, go together as a team”

Future Plans

OK Pharmacy is a health and wellness destination providing affordable and reliable quality of goods. Mr. Steve hopes to see more people get a chance to prolong their longevity by having more affordable and quality healthcare products in their daily routine. Therefore, he plans for his business to offer more affordable and competitive services to increase awareness towards healthier and happier society.

In the future, he wishes to expand and penetrate the international platform where it becomes conveniently connected to every neighbourhood society.

For budding entrepreneurs, Mr. Steve strongly believes that “Ego and pride will not bring one success. Sincerity and sense of gratitude are true noble entrepreneurship.”