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Uni Wall APS Holdings Berhad
Industrial & Commercial Products Industry
85, Jalan Kesuma 2/3,
Bandar Tasik Kesuma,
43700 Semenyih,
Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: +603 8723 1088

Career Highlights


  • Graduated in Bachelor of Business Administration.
  • Formed Uni Wall.

1999 – 2011

  • Implement Internal control quality system and production planning system.


  • Graduated in Master of Business Administration.


  • Appointed as Group’s MD and CEO.


  • Led the IPO of Uni Wall.
Outstanding Category

Siow Hon Yuen


Siow Hon Yuen, Malaysian, aged 44, is the Promoter and Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer for Uni Wall APS Holdings Berhad. Mr. Siow is responsible for managing and implementing the Group’s business development plans and strategies. The entrepreneur graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration from University of Malaya in 1999 and subsequently obtained his Master of Business Administration from Open University Malaysia in 2011.

Upon graduation, Mr. Siow co-founded the wholly-owned subsidiary, Uni Wall Architectural Products & Services Sdn Bhd in 1999 and was appointed as the Director. Since then, he learned the trade in the building façade business, and focused on corporate and business development activities of the company.

Mr. Siow spearheaded the implementation of a system for internal quality control and production planning using Siow Hon Yong (Chairman)’s expertise in building façade systems that was honed over the years. This was key in driving operational efficiency within the Group. Further, Mr. Siow has been key in securing projects for Uni Wall APS Holdings Berhad.

Values and Philosophies

Mr. Siow holds three key values at heart, namely, continuous growth, integrity, and persistency.

Self-improvement – Mr Siow believes that a person becomes successful when they wake up every day focused on what will help them grow. The person would not waste their time on conversations with entrepreneurs who are all talk, endlessly searching social media, attending every free training in hopes that it will provide them with the missing link. Instead, they would plan out their days, weeks, months and years. The plan includes time for the things that will help them grow in every area of their life, and it cuts out the typical time wasters. Successful entrepreneurs understand and implement personal development into their life.

Integrity – The entrepreneur believes that an entrepreneur’s success is determined solely by the number of people who trusts them, are willing to work for them, give them credit, lend them money, buy their products and services, and help them during difficult times. He emphasizes that one’s character is the most important asset that they can develop in their entire life, and their character is based on the amount of integrity practiced.

Persistence – Mr. Siow encourages one to never give up, no matter what happens. The courage to persist in the face of adversity and disappointment is the one quality that, more than anything, will guarantee your success.

“Under Mr. Siow’s leadership, in 2018, Uni Wall completed two new challenging projects and with the strong support of his team, it managed to achieve outstanding financial results with high turnover (85% increase in year 2018) and good profit achievement (40% PAT increase in year 2018).”

Contributions to the Enterprise

Under Mr. Siow’s leadership, in 2018, Uni Wall completed two new challenging projects and with the strong support of his team (the Company expanded its business scale, constructed a new factory and current workforce of 200 men is expected to doubled in the near future), it managed to achieve outstanding financial results with high turnover (85% increase in year 2018) and good profit achievement (40% PAT increase in year 2018).

In 2019, Uni Wall managed to secure four new projects and currently its total order book is approximately RM220 million. This healthy order book level will facilitate the company’s future growth and strengthen its position as a building facade specialist.

With Mr. Siow’s excellent leadership, and strong entrepreneurial qualities, he is confident that Uni Wall’s financial performance will remain strong and continue to improve.

Future Plans

To achieve greater heights for his company, Mr Siow believes in seven principles, which he uses to guide his employees in his organisation.
Customer satisfaction: To provide products and services of the highest quality and the greatest possible value to customers, thereby gaining and holding their respect and loyalty

Basic products: To provide superior quality fabrication of “Green Façade” aluminium architectural products for the building industry in order to meet customer’s expectations.

Productivity: To utilize high-technology production, competencies and company’s interests, that offers opportunities for continuing growth and enables the company to make a needed and profitable contribution.

Sustainable growth: To achieve sufficient profit to finance the company’s growth and to provide the resources needed to achieve company’s objectives.

Managerial philosophy: To adopt an error-free attitude, total involvement and continuous improvement in the company management. To provide a great working environment and treat each other with respect and dignity, with the employees as the greatest asset to the company’s management.

Market focus: To honour one’s obligations to the building environment society by being an economic, intellectual and social asset to the construction industry and each community in which one operates.

Public image: To foster an excellent relationship with the stakeholders and other operation community and to create a dynamic and progressive construction industry, at the same time emphasizing on the environmental issue.