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MFE Formwork Technology Sdn Bhd
Manufacturing Industry
4 & 6, Jalan Tun Perak 3,
Perdana Industrial Park,
42000 Port Klang,
Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: +603 3375 3000

Career Highlights


  • MFE was formed.


  • Tallest building construction – Kowloon Station HK – 84 storey.


  • 1st project in India.


  • MFE Formwork Technology was formed following a management buy out.


  • Completed projects: Icon in the Sky & Cayan Tower Dubai.


  • MFE moved into its new state of the art manufacturing facility.
Corporate Excellence Category

MFE Formwork Technology Sdn Bhd

Manufacturing Industry


Mivan Far East (“MFE”) started life in Malaysia in 1991 as the Asian division of one of the UK’s best known construction companies Mivan Ltd, specialising in the construction of reinforced concrete structures using highly innovative aluminium formwork solutions.

With Malaysia providing an excellent base for Asia regional operations, MFE quickly established itself as an innovator in the construction of high-rise, medium, and low-rise concrete buildings for the residential and commercial construction sectors.

MFE develops custom designed formwork, manufactured from lightweight, high quality aluminium alloy, the Company also revolutionised concrete construction methods and increased speed of construction, therefore delivering superior quality and finishing results with significant construction cost savings.

In 1993, MFE became the first company in Asia able to design and manufacture aluminium formwork with its first factory operations in Malaysia. With the outstanding success of aluminium system formwork in Malaysia, developers and contractors recognised the significant benefits of MFE’s solution, thus lead the Company to expand the use of the technology and methodology to other markets. Since 1991 MFE formwork has been used to build millions of apartments, houses, hotel rooms and offices in over 50 countries.

With the continuation of investment in product development and manufacturing, along with the dedication to provide the best possible construction solutions to clients, MFE has been able to demonstrate substantial export growth and market diversification in over 53 countries world-wide over the past 28 years.

An important part of MFE’s export success is promoting its products and brand on the international stage, and along with this, promoting Malaysia as an internationally recognised centre of excellence for the construction industry.

The Company aims to be a world-class formwork enterprise committed to delivering quality solutions, customer satisfaction, on-time projects, continuous innovation and enhancement of stakeholders’ value.

Its corporate mission are:

• To encourage innovation, integrity, teamwork and a safe working environment.
• To build a strong future ensuring increased returns to shareholders and enhancing stakeholder value.
• To be a responsible corporate citizen committed to the social and environmental causes.

“MFE aims to be a world-class formwork enterprise committed to delivering quality solutions, customer satisfaction, on-time projects, continuous innovation and enhancement of stakeholders’ value.”

Integration of Advanced Technology


MFE is a pioneer and one of the largest users of Friction Stir Welding technology in the world, having introduced the technology into our production process in 2012. Friction Stir Welding enable to weld aluminium panel components without using gas heating or flux to minimise panel distortion and achieve the highest welding strength possible.

Each piece of formwork manufactured is bar-coded and receives a minimum of four quality control checks before it reaches the project site. With ongoing investment in new machinery, production technologies and expansion of MFE’s world-class manufacturing facilities, the company is able to produce in excess of one million square metres of formwork per year.

Working to international ISO and UKAS quality standards, and a constant programme of production staff training and up-skill strategies ensures MFE products are manufactured to the highest quality for a longer usable lifespan.

Formwork Design

The Company uses the most advanced design tools available including MFE 3D Design Software jointly developed by MFE on the AutoCAD platform with one of the world’s leading software developers. From simple to highly complex designs, MFE’s engineers are able to produce elaborate 3D visualisations and optimise formwork design for rapid construction sequences and best working cycles on-site.

Based on the architectural and structural drawings of the project, MFE’s designers will design the formwork solution incorporating the most efficient construction process within the design along with optimising the design for maximum efficiency and future project re-use.

Achievements and Impact

MFE has achieved continuous growth in the recent years, seeing a 22% increase in revenue from 2016-2017 and a staggering 69% increase from 2017-2018 achieving a turnover of over USD 137 million. With offices in Dubai, India, Malaysia, and Manila, with over 2,000 employees worldwide, the Company is now considering setting up a further facility in Chile to reduce its delivery time to the Latin America region.

Future Direction

Opening up new markets and regions is the main focus to increasing business and MFE have formed a business collaboration with the second largest formwork company in the world, Doka, to manufacture formwork solutions and market in countries where with little presence.

The Company is currently in the process of tying up with another company to market its materials into Sub-Saharan Africa where they have found it difficult to penetrate.