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MYS Ultron Sdn Bhd
Retail Industry
NU Sentral Shopping Centre, Level 2-19, Jalan Stesen Sentral 5, Brickfields, 50470,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: +6016 582 0106

Career Highlights


  • Entered family business in sportswear manufacturing.


  • The 1st candidate from Malaysia to graduate in MBA in Leadership from University of Southern Queensland.


  • Founded ULTRON as the first Malaysian Sportswear Brand with the 1st flagship store in Kuala Lumpur.


  • Gained nationwide attention when ULTRON’s unique biz model and exponential growth in mass participating events allowed it to be short listed as Top 10 Sportswear Brand in Asia during SPIA Asia Sports Award 2017 in Bangkok.


  • Named Entrepreneur Insight 100 Most Influential Young Entrepreneur of the Year, and Malaysian Australian Alumni Young Entrepreneur of the Year.


  • Under Marc’s leadership, ULTRON opened its 8th outlet in Malaysia and celebrated their 3,000,000th apparel produced in 4th year. Marc became a finalist for JCI Malaysia Creative Young Entrepreneur of the Year.
Outstanding Category

Marc Chua Yee Kuan

Founder & CEO

Marc, Yee Kuan Chua, age 34, is an outstanding Australian alumnus, and a Game Changer in Business who has disrupted the sportswear industry in Malaysia and ASEAN since 2015.

Graduating with a BSc (Honours) in Computing from University of Bolton, UK and subsequently an MBA in Leadership from University of Southern Queensland, Australia in 2014, he began life in the workforce with a stint in IT Sales for a short period of time before venturing into the textile and apparel industry, and started his first company at the age of 24.

But the path of entrepreneurship is far from easy; Marc, then a younger man in his twenties faced his own set of challenges. In the first few years, Marc was a one man show traveling up to Kuala Lumpur taking meetings and orders with several international sports brands and other fashion clientele. A few years into the business, with the support his family, he started expanding with a team and had help with a proper sales team, designer and operations team that dealt with clients from all segments of the industry. It became a reasonably sound business at a smaller scale.

With all those years of experience under his belt, ULTRON® was birthed later in 2015 soon after his MBA graduation. With the growth of sports industry in Malaysia he thought it was about high-time Malaysia finally have its own homegrown sports brand that truly represents the market with a Malaysian identity, culture and lifestyle at the same time.

Under Marc’s leadership, today, ULTRON® is known everywhere as the leading Sportswear brand that is rooted in Malaysian soil with outlets in both East and West Malaysia. The brand has spread across 12 countries in Asia alone and has even made its mark in Middle East in the last 3 years.

Between 2015 and 2018, in Malaysia alone, ULTRON® have collaborated with more than 1,800 major events, with more than 2,500,000 pieces of apparel distributed across the region making them the market leader with most the event collaborations in Malaysia and Brunei in 2017. These strategic partnerships including some of the biggest names of the industry namely IRONMAN Malaysia, IRONMAN Langkawi, Powerman Asia Pacific Tournament, XTERRA Asia Pacific Tournament, Asia Trail Masters, MILO Breakfast Run, Men’s Health & Women’s Health Night Run and the list goes on.

The entrepreneur is also extremely hands on in ULTRON®’s research and development in producing some of the most light-weight and most comfortable sports apparel fabrication in the country. One of their latest product, Micro-dry Ultralite, has been awarded by the Malaysia Book of Record as the‘the lightest running t-shirt in Malaysia’.

In a latest seed funding discussion in 2018 with a local conglomerate, ULTRON® was valued at USD15Million based on its remarkable growth to-date, leading market share as well as its potential to capitalize on the Asia Pacific market in the next 5 years in line with the exponential growth of the mass participating sports industry.

With its eyes now on the regional expansion specifically on ASEAN and Middle East, CEO Marc Chua is confident to see the company’s value rise up to USD40Million in the next 3 years.

In the past 10 years, Marc Chua has proven himself to be a creative, farsighted yet pragmatic business leader, especially with the remarkable growth of ULTRON® in the past 4 years.

As a Manager, he is extremely detailed, result oriented and hands-on in the day-to-day operation of the company. Marc believes in ‘doing more with less’ by implementing efficient and effective standard operating procedures. As a Visionary, the unconventional business model of ULTRON® is a clear indication of Marc’s farsight. On top of that, Marc Chua always identify new strategic goals and directions for the company, at various phases and levels, ensuring ULTRON® to stay ahead as the market leader of the industry. As a Coach & Educator; Marc believes in inspiring his members with goals and results that are quantifiable. As an Ambassador; Marc is not only an active runner in presenting himself as the perfect ambassador for ULTRON® , but also an avid designer, entrepreneurs and father.

In line with UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, ULTRON® has been a strong promoter of CSR in several aspects including Environmental Conservation, Providing Opportunities to the Youth in jobs and design talent commercialization, at the same time a strong promoter of Malaysian products.

ULTRON® also has been actively conducting charitable donation drives by donating manufacturing overruns to the homeless in KL since 2016. Marc initiated the ‘HandsMeDown for DownAndOut’ project in 2016 by collected used t-shirts from the running community, as well as overrun apparels in-house and donating it to the homeless communities in various parts of Kuala Lumpur by partnering with ReachOut KL. This project further evolved into ‘Tees4Teens’ project launched in 2018 where Marc made a partnership with Yayasan Generasi Malaysia with the aims of taking this charitable project to a nationwide basis for the less fortunate teens across the country. He is a firm believer of sports and by donating quality sportswear to them he hopes these youth can get themselves involved further in sports allowing them to stay out of other potential social problems.