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Ezytronic, the Leader in Revolutionary Tech. Your Vision is our Future and Passion.

Ezytronic Sdn Bhd
Telecommunications & ICT Industry
45, Jalan USJ 21/10, USJ 21, 47640 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: +603 8023 7639

Career Highlights


  • Ezytronic’s 1st dealing with SMB Corporate Customer and focused on Dell Solutions.


  • Launched EZYPRO & Top 1 Dell Platinum Partner Year Core Client Products.


  • Awarded for Top 1 in Dell Enterprise Solution .


  • Awarded “International Innovation Awards” & “Dell SMB Core Client Top Sales”.


  • Awarded as the most outstanding SME in the Goldbell Bull Award & DellEMC Top Core Client in SMB.
Corporate Excellence Category

Ezytronic Sdn Bhd

Telecommunications & ICT Industry


Ezytronic is the leading IT Company in the market for over a decade in End-To-End IT infrastructure solutions. They provide IT Solutions to small and medium businesses, as well as top tier domestic and international customers. Ultimate customer satisfaction is the essential factor for Ezytronic’s growth.

The Company’s vision is to strive to keep themselves in pace with technology advancement and always working towards perfection. Its mission is to cultivate professional relationships with their customers as well as to provide effective and reliable information technology solutions for their needs.

Corporate Culture

Ezytronic is formed with the hard work and dedication of a group of wonderful people. They are a close knitted group always working towards the same direction together. Plus, they always hold on to the belief of “Lose Together, Win Together” no matter how small the win.

This year, focus has been given to develop new talents in which a graduate scheme has been developed to allow graduates to be given specific roles for two years in rotation. This will allow them to obtain experience from different role and responsibility.

Achievements and Impact

The Company has developed their own Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system which has been running internally for four years in which it has accelerated and pushed the sales figure by 120%. This effective system has enabled them to penetrate many global markets and employ approximately 80 staff in Malaysia. In 2018, Ezytronic achieved approximately RM18 million in sales.

Future Direction

With the management team identifying new pipelines and channels of business, notably in the area of Software as a Service (“SaaS”) and Infrastructure as a Service (“IaaS”), the Company has forecasted a higher bottom line of RM 25 million for 2019. This is part of their pendulum strategy to increase their market share and convert new customers while increasing sales with their existing customers.

Moreover, the Company is in the process of inventing “Salesmaxx” into a commercial product. Salesmaxx is an integrated sales performance monitoring with live dashboard viewing capabilities. It will enable the user to track, monitor, identify gaps and train directions in its sales team. Salesmaxx is meant to increase sales team efficiency with minimum resources but with maximum returns.

To help Malaysia’s SME grow, Ezytronic aims to develop Salesmaxx into a commercial product and SAAS basis – (subscription basis) enabling SMEs with budget limitation to subscribe with an affordable price.

The team is in the midst of their final enhancement to roll out their product Salesmaxx into a SaaS module. This is to complete their SME business initiative as they plan to offer services to SME to develop their basic operational and business requirements which is in the collaboration plan with SSM. In this project, the management plan to unveil these services to 100 thousand users in the first three years with an incremental growth of ten users a year. This will increase company revenue by 30% per annum on the first three years.

Ezytronic’s additional roll out is their IaaS in which is an investment in hosting and cloud solution that will generate a new source of revenue for the Company. Also allowing them to provide seamless data storage, backup application, equipment maintenance and cost effective data capture services. Clients will be able to run their businesses at a lower cost and increase mobility via cloud services. This is something Ezytronic strives everyday for their clients.