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DMIA provides the values of its projects through Dedication, Meticulous, Innovative and Action.

Entrepreneur of the Year

Datuk Seri Subramaniam Pillai

Executive Director

Datuk Seri Subramaniam Pillai was born in Sungai Petani, Kedah. Growing up in small town and settled in Kuala Lumpur 1988. He graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) and Masters in Business Administration (MBA-Euro-Asia Management) from University Putra Malaysia and University of Aix-Marseille, France respectively.

Once graduated, he worked with construction company in Klang Valley to gain experiences and exposure in the Construction Industry. Datuk Seri Subramaniam focused his efforts, knowledge and experience that he gained to establish DMIA Group in 1996 with other partners. He is one of the founding members. DMIA first sub contract was the construction and completion of an access road to Ebor toll plaza and Batu Tiga Road Upgrading under the Elite Expressway package 1A. After 23 years of the journey with DMIA, he is one of the Director who propel the company’s growth to many fold what DMIA is today. DMIA has more than 700 staff and operating in Malaysia and India. DMIA has three main divisions such as Railways, Construction and Property. This was the catalyst needed to propel the company further to make its mark in the construction industry. After 23 years of injecting his knowledge, experience, management skills and dedication, Datuk Seri Subramaniam able to realise his visions.

Behind the closed doors of DMIA, Datuk Seri Subramaniam applies his strong command of business and management principles as they pertain to construction, development, resource allocation, planning methods, and leading others. His effectiveness in communication and high motivation leverages assets in teammates to reach organisational goals. Being a lifelong learner, he is committed to staying on top of the best current and emerging business practices, especially in the international context. Possessing the necessary skills, Datuk Seri Subramaniam was not afraid to face different challenges and overcome obstacles to satisfy the client.

Due to his relentless determination, for year ending 31/3/2019 DMIA has recorded a turnover of RM 509 Million, DMIA’s strength has led the growth of the company from five employees to more than 700 today. Constantly striving for success, Datuk Seri Subramaniam and Board of Directors decided to expand his operations into India in 2001. DMIA Group first international project comprised of a 67KM rehabilitation and upgrading of Sira to Chitraduga under the Western Transport Corridor Tumkur – Haveri NH4 Project, Package 2 in the state of Karnataka, India. Furthermore, he installed a high work ethic mind set which flowed throughout DMIA Group allowed the company to further enhance its portfolio domestically and internationally. DMIA presence in India gained further traction as it was awarded several highway and development contracts, with the most recent being completed the redevelopment of The Malaysian High Commission Complex in New Delhi, India. This project won CIDB special mention award 2016.

DMIA Senior Management Team
Board of Directors

Expanding the company into the railway sector further highlighted Datuk Seri Subramaniam’s vision of being one of a leading construction company in Malaysia. In 2015 DMIA won the contract for the Phase 1 of Klang Valley Double Track and this showed DMIA constant strive for success and his adventurous nature. The growth of DMIA Group was consistent with Datuk Seri Subramaniam behind the wheel saw him and the company overcome several obstacles to cement its foundation to what we see DMIA today.

Having been established in the local and international construction industry, the next goal for the company is to utilise those same skills, experience and reputation to diversify its subsequently ventured into the property development market and into an array of large railway infrastructure projects.

DMIA has also invested heavily in high-quality and specialised track machinery to leverage on the advantage in tackling this type of work. This is include S2PV machine, which is able to remove and relay tracks seamlessly. He believes in technology and continual improvement this S2PV is only one machinery in this Asean region. This heavy investment was well chosen, as railways are a key part of the development taking off across Asia.

His vision is to see a modernised and develop nation where high-quality growth is sustained with accelerated development. Moreover, his directive mission is to be an eminent construction company by delivering world class projects with foresight, integrity and professionalism. Datuk Seri Subramaniam is looking forward for the prospect of DMIA Group to be listed on the KLSE in 2020, as well as widening his roots into the Asia’s regional market and aiming to be a dominant force in the competitive construction industry. DMIA’s mission statement is to be an imminent construction company in South East Asia by delivering world class projects with integrity, foresight, professionalism, high quality, safety, competence and on time delivery.

Datuk Seri Subramaniam has installed value creation at DMIA where “we want to focus on niche scope or trade where we can innovate and produce highly specialised, skilled and talented human capital.” Further adding “This will accelerate our implementation and deliveries; hence we can grow regionally, internationally and provide sustainability.” His main motto is that “At DMIA we practise and continue to nurture the young talent with the following values: Dedication, Meticulous, Innovation, Action

Currently, he and his team member is working towards listing in Bursa Main Board in 2020.

Dhaya Maju Infrastructure (Asia) Sdn Bhd
Construction Industry
B-G-28, Block B, 10 Boulevard,
PJU 6A,Lebuhraya Sprint, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: +603 7726 1189

Career Highlights


  • Received “Datuk” title from DYMM Yang Dipertuan Agong called Darjah Panglima Mahkota Wilayah (P.M.W.).


  • Received Kuala Lumpur & Selangor Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry Excellence Award.


  • Received the Malaysian Construction Industry Excellence Award – International Achievement Award.
  • Received “Datuk Seri” title from DYMM Yang Dipertuan Agong called Darjah Seri Mahkota Wilayah (S.M.W.).


  • Entrepreneur of the Year for Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards (APEA).